“Um?”Zhouzhi is very confused。

“The little teacher who was a big official came to you.。”槐 眼 眼 飞,Suck the nose。
“Yin Le?”
槐 序 口 门 门 口 口 口。
Zhou turn around,Sure enough, Yin Le is not ill, I can’t come in.,Looking around while walking,It seems to be looking for。
Zhou Zhou Zhao hit his hand。
See Yin Le gradually approached,He picks up the paper plane,Yin Le asked:“How did this do it??”
“Want to learn??”
“kind of。”
“thanks,Don’t learn。”
“Not so difficult,You can try。”Yin Le speechless,“This is the spell that the Tang Dynasty has been developed.,You know,At that time, spells had been made to optimize it.。But at that time, I usually use a paper piece.,Flying very slow、And resistant to wind,I want to have a fan to fold into a paper crane.,But the paper is not bad,I combined with modern technology improved its pneumatic shape.,Just now。if necessary,I can fold it into the pointed small plane.,Flying very quickly,Up to 20 yards,If it is you,Maybe you can run faster,Thirty yards can also be said。”
“You refer to improved pneumatic profile”Zhou turn over the paper plane,“Is it to fold it like this??”
“I have a strict computing ratio.!”Yin Lei frowned,Serious road,“Have you heard of the International Paper Aircraft Competition??”
“Who is the paper http://www.sxshengshi.cn plane fly away??”槐。
“Yes。”Yin Le nod。
“It’s boring.。”槐 巴 巴 眼,“But it seems to be very fun。”
“There can be an university in this。”Yin Le is dissatisfied with his question,“Such as this paper plane,As the same spell,The same spiritual force,It fly more stable、More far, I haven’t read the book with you.。Alive the paper plane to me,I have used it next time.,Do a few days。”
“I understand!I read the book!!”
“All right”
Zhouzhi timely interrupted their discussion about paper planes,Yin Le:“What are you doing here??Specially looking for me??”
“Um,Looking for you to talk。”
“Talk about?”
“Have you eaten?”
“Also should eat it.?It’s almost six o’clock.。”
“Try our cafeteria??”Zhou Yizhi invitation,“Taste is okay,I don’t know which one is better than you have.。”
“What to eat??What a http://www.jinxingrq.cn thing?!”Yin Le is very arrogant,“go,I invite guests,Let us go out。”
“Can you take us out??”
“certainly!”Yin Le is very strange to look at Zhou,I don’t understand why he will ask such a stupid problem.,“Othergo I come in?”
“I have to go back to the girlfriend.。”
About twenty minutes。
Depth、Nan Ge and the group stood a straight line,Looking up at this familiar fence near,Can’t get into meditation。
The footprints on the wall are more than a few days ago.。
Chapter 433 Did not be a devil
“I said that you are too bad.,I thought you were in the human government.,As a result, enter the school.。”槐 序 眼 眼,Another head,“I remember that ancient Tianshi has a token.。”
“This involves a lot of,Now the country has not considered these public,Come slowly。”Yin Lei frowned,Very dissatisfied with this big demon to his ridicule,But but also,So I only have the resistance,“And it is ancient people in the ancient Tuen Mun.,The token used is also hanging against other special agencies.。”