Forget it,Life has finally increased by a hundred days,Actually not bad。

If there are twenty more,Can I redeem the Tianshan Zhuangmei Shou?
“but,It is a society under the rule of law,What do i want that thing for?”
Ye Xuanyi is right,More justice,Just as justice。
Gao Xinshu enjoys drinking time with Ye Xuan,Don’t care about anything,Just keep drinking。
“Young man,You have my appetite。”
“If you can beat me,I can promise you a request。”
Gaoxin Shu stretched out a finger,Talking to Ye Xuan。
joke,Drink with Ye Xuan?
Don’t you know what Ye Xuan did in his previous life??
Ye Xuan was in business in his previous life,How much alcohol,I’m afraid Gao Xinshu doesn’t know?
Say so,Ordinary wine glass,Regardless of the red,White,Beer,Come casually。
Just one cup,Ye Xuan doesn’t remember who is who。
“This is the case,Pretending to be a fart。”
“Don’t say so much,Go to the mall first,Find skills。”
Ye Xuan directly looked for life skills。
“Not drunk,Need 35 points of health。”