Ancient sea nodded,Slowly turn around and look good sound。

The delicious Yin Yinton turned into a bitter gourd,I am very reluctant to retreat.。
Treat her,The ancient sea will also fall in Victoria,Say,“They live for three days.,How do you feel。”
Victoria,Demonstrate,“very beautiful,Just like the beefo。”
She is originally prepared to accompany the summer,But I was quietly informed of a good voice.,Her master wants to see her。
And in summer。
This makes Victoria’s doubts,Also gave birth to a vigilance。
But she finally followed it.。
“It is really good here.,Suitable for pension。”Ancient sea light,“It is also a cage,Will also grow ambition,after all,I am used to tall high……”
Victoria stunned,I don’t understand why the other person said to her.。
She just want to ask,But don’t want ancient sea rogue,“My teacher is very optimistic。”
Victoria is once again。
The ancient sea said that there is no correlation.,“Aware of summer?”
Victoriao is very generous,“Right,I like him。”
“Have more。”
Ancient holy,Plain eyes becomes deep,“If one day,The life that needs to save him,How to do。”
“I won’t hesitate。”
Victoria wants to do not think,I gave an answer instantly,There is no whit guilty and the ancient sea.。
for a long time。
Ancient sea laughs,“good,I believe,after all,Similar things have been done several times。”
Toned,She asked,“Now fully,What is the realm of strength?。”
“It is equivalent to the ninth order of the ninth line of China.。”
Toned,She added a sentence,“In fact, our blood family and Chinese ancient people,And the ability is different。We belong to the longevity,Even if you don’t need to practice,It will also enhance strength over time.……”
Not finished,It was interrupted by the ancient sea.。
“Don’t explain,About the blood family,I know very well,I have to know even more than.。”
Time to think about Victoria,She also,“The minimum need for 50 years before,And it is necessary to constantly condensed the purity of blood,Can you become a step in step,When we are powerful to some extent,Older years,And you can’t cultivate your own interest like ancient martial arts.,It is also unable to extend life like a variety of abilities.,In fact,All of them in the eyes of all major forces,In fact, it is harmless.。”
Victoria’s face changed,Silence。
The other party is the fact。
Just like this year,She became a tyrant,The god Silvester is still a small mix of the flow。