Next,After Mu Tian’s borrowing,Summer is holding a mobile phone and slamming,What is more shameful is,He actually asked Mu Tian to take a lending posture.。

Beautiful name,If the other party will pay for the account,Convenient。
Everyone around everyone。
Especially those who are photographing the wine,Viewing the eyes of the summer change again。
It’s just a mess。
The corner of the mouth next to it has also repeatedly twitching,I can’t see it.,Moon,“Miss Miss,Can you talk about a step?,Here many people want to know you.。”
The moon did not refuse,Not awkward,Stand up and follow Mu Tian and He Yu to the field。
Various people in love。
Be seen,This is not going to give this。
Next,Mu Tianhe He Yu acts as a flower flower,Youth Junjie in the introduction of all the way。
Certainty,The introduction is those who just support them.。 “Monthly,This is Yao Jiajun,Yao Shao。”
“Yao Gongzi Hello。”The pretty face of the moon is full of polite,Take the initiative。
“Miss Moon Hello。”
“This is Yang Yufeng,Yang Shao。”
“Yang Gongzi Hello。”
After the introduction of all the way,He Yujie starts a glass of wine,Smile with Wen Wenya,“Monthly,Just now I said,I have always been your fan.,Although I am in Olympus,Can also run around the world,The month is in the entertainment circle.,It is the national day,I heard that I heard,Even young lady is also developing,Oh……I have been going to Hollywood a few times.,I remember as if I saw the Ms. Miss in a foreign wine.,Have to say,Hollywood’s grade is very high……”
“Huh……Me,I have never been to Hollywood。”
I have been paying attention to this side of Lu Qianjin suddenly didn’t hold back and laughed.。
Everyone is also weird,Try to laugh,Red-faced。
“He Mi,I really haven’t been to Hollywood.。”The moon is serious,“I want you to have a mistake.。”
“Cough,Be,Yes??Is it wrong?……”
He Yu’s face is a young color,Awkward。
Mu Tian next to hit the circle,“Miss Moon is doing jewelry business,And I have heard that I have been collecting the eyes of the devil around in recent years.,The monk has been fortunate to have an accident.,Today, I will offer it to Miss Miss.,Please laughter。”
Talk time,He waves hands,A beautiful girl who has already prepared for a long time holds the pallet,Put a delicate packaging box on the tray,The face is slowly moving with a smile。
And the people around,Also look different,Many people are difficult to cover the shock。
First1342Chapter Value five cents
Devil’s eyes,Is a very strange black horse。
Say that it is strange,Because this is very rare,But not very precious。
Reason,Said is a black treasure,But not ore,But a crystal similar to black glass。