Take a few points and spoiled,Middle-aged people who are next to the side,“Zhang Ge,You asked him in the past,Can you give me a position?,I have been in the mainland this time.,I haven’t eaten Cantonese cuisine for a long time.。”

Middle-aged man is first,Follow the mouth of the mouth。
“Crystalline,This is not good.。”
First1979Chapter Long-lasting big skeleton
Han Jingjing’s broker。
Zhang Xiao is http://www.nchmyy.cn very clear,In the past few months,What did Han Jingjing have experienced?。
Her Zhou Jiazhong Zhou Xun is jail。
Wall is pushing,Quickly be divided into major families,Today, Hong Kong City has not had a week.。
And Han Jingjing has affected more。
First was abandoned by Zhou Ming,Plus all kinds of black materials on the Internet……If there is no accident,She is impossible for her life.。
Even can’t survive in the entertainment circle。
However,Maybe she is still a must.。
Be in desperation,White family found her,And willing to re-hold her red。
She was originally known as Asian Xiaotian,For whitening this giants,I want to hold red is not a problem.。
Among them, it is very large.。
Surface on the surface,She is after a precipitate,Re-return to the small days of the vision,Not only mature,And http://www.xuenlp.cn the character has changed many。
In fact,Zhang Xiao is very clear,Han Jingjing now has now thorough the tools for making money for the white family。
It is often pushed to eat with wine.。
“Crystalline,This is not good.,After all, people come here to eat.,Economic conditions are good,In the past, people left,Where is it?……”Narrate。
Han Jingjing suddenly revealed impatient,“What are you afraid?,Have an identity,Can you get the white family??
Moreover,I will pick me up in a hurry.。”
Seeing her still insisted,Zhang Xiaolang,Walking in the past。
Soon arrived,Dry cough,“Mr. Hello,Disturb。”
Since the summer is back to the hall,After heard of words at this moment,Torp,Up and down,“What is。”
Why,He feels that this middle-aged man is somewhat familiar.,Where is it seen?。
He has this thought,Zhang Xiao is also the same。
After seeing the summer appearance,Slightly,Laugh,“I want to trouble you something.。”
He did not remember the summer。
A broker as a star,Every day, you will see a wide range of faces.。