“How did I say to you?,Let you not act,You fell,Actually hired overseas mercenary,And the polar bear in the nine mercenaries,Do you want to bury a dragon??Um?”

Dragon’s father stood up,Pointing his neck anger,“I just saved the previous things.,you,you……”
One said that I didn’t finish it.,Master’s big mouth,Strong cough。
“dad,You are fine.。”
Long Xingbang quickly supported his father,“I,I’m wrong,I,I just gas.,Yaoer took a car accident eight years ago.,Now Xiaofei also……Hoot,I……”
Father has five sons,Two daughters,But the old master is most glare,Long Xingbang also rarely disappoints his father.,Well a well-tie well,Helpful people。
At this moment, he has a 40-year-old man.,It is http://www.shikejin.cn whims crying.,Let the old man feel soft,I am sighed,Say。
“Who can help you hire a mercenary??”
Long Xingbang stopped sorrow,Wipe to the mouth of the mouth,Actually answer,“Yang Xian,It’s all his hand.。”
“Yang Xian people?”Father asked。
“return,Still in Qinghai……”
“Call him back,Now!”
Long Xingbang does not dare to neglect,I immediately took out the phone to dialed Yang Xian’s phone number.。
A few seconds,His face is puzzled,“he,He is not in the service area……”Just finished,Face madness。
NS754chapter So
Long Xingbang does not think that Yang Xian is really not in service area.。
There is only one possibility of not calling the phone。
Either Yang Xian has an accident.,Either,His card threw away。
Whether it is,For Long Xingbang,Not good news。
The slap of the dragon http://www.sdassd.cn is again raised again.,But I didn’t start,Anger,“In addition to Yang Xian,Who knows your existence?。”
“return,Also seasonal。”
Long Xingbang’s face,The sound is not shaking,Supplement,“The first female richest in Qinghai,But she did something in a few months ago.,she,She also has contradictions with the summer,Summer killed her son in summer……”
The father is a face impatient,狠 眼 邦,“What is there now?,Contact season,If possible,Ask her to celebrate the city。Do not,Don’t say these,You first asked her that she had seen Yang Xian.,What happened specifically。”
Long Xingbang is busy with a noddler,Immediately dialed the number red number。
This time, it is very fast.。
But the day red said,But let Long Xingbang are shocked,“Long Mr. Long,Their hand is called Yang Xian’s possible accident.,I have encountered a summer at the hotel.,Our cooperation here……”
This sentence,Long Xingbang consciousness tinnitus,Dizzy,Be in a hurry。
Not just him,Even the body shape of the old man is also a wave of shakes.。
But he is not a common man.,A microphone covering a mobile phone,Low voice expressway,“You invite her to celebrate the city,remember,Be sure to ask her,That is, you have achieved my support.,I hope to cooperate with her.。”
Although I don’t know the intention of the father.,But Long Xingbang did not dare to neglect,Immediately to the seasonal red expression。
After a moment,Long Xingbang hangs up the phone,Some people look at the old man,“She promised,I will come to Qingcheng tomorrow.。”
Dragon is sighing,The old face is cloudy,Fortunately,Unhappy,anger,Emotion such as hatred。
“Just now I learned about this.。”The father of the father,“That summer will also come to Qingkai,She let us gave a confession。”
Toned,Also,“I mean to push Yang Xian out,But he is very smart,Now I can only put the season red to do the block.。”