One is a martial arts to recognize Chu Deirers,Two is also for the disciples who will not be because of the age of Chu Deirers.,And there is a heart。

These disciples,It’s all left in the door.《Congenital strength》First volume,Some feelings……
certainly,No one can really practice,Otherwise, don’t use the Chu Deirers.,They will also send the disciples to Dali。
After that, the Chu Deiren will first explain the first volume.——Can“teacher”Getting started with help,Perhaps it can be practiced。
Chu Deirers first in depth,will《Congenital strength》Pure theoretical outlined first volume,First explain it first,Then let the whole disciple try to work。
“Horseman,In fact, I have a set of martial arts.,You can use external ineerent gas,Sensing endless sound operation,This《Congenital strength》Can I get started?,Mainly is it to communicate into the first spiritual congenital gas,If you feel inherently,Perhaps communication is not perceived,I don’t know, I need me.?”Chu Dee people in the initiative。
This is the Chu Deirers get《Congenital strength》I promised a master of a lamp.,Naturally try,It is only that people may not be willing to let their own usefulness into the body.……
Horse is not hesitant,Returning:“Such very well!Hey……The poor road is also not practiced.,For the martial arts foreign objects。But the words of Chu Dayin,Naturally better。”
Chapter 128 Hate iron is not steel
And don’t say that Chu Deirers have no motivation,At this time, in the Chongyang Palace,How can I worry about Chu Deirers??
For Chu Deirers“good idea”,Nature support,As a result,It can also be filtered as much as possible.!
“Aspiration,You come first。”Ma Yu called his prostitute,Ready to make him a model。
Hear“Aspiration”This is called,Chu Debans do not move,But my heart is secretly eyebrow.。
Zhao Zhijing,It should be reader by the majority of Jin Yongwu Xia,The second annoying full second generation disciples。
Strong、Utilitarian,And sinister、Lower limit!
Just starting well,It can only be said that it is not atmospheric.,Did nothing,I don’t have to be able to indifferent fame and fortune.,However, Zhao Zhijing’s bad is,For your own utility,No moral bottom line!
If that“天 龙”middle,Xun Yuan, who is enemies,Already considered a decent moral depression,But after being caught by the Mongol,I would rather be abolished.,I have never soft my bones.。
And Zhao Zhijing is in the original,For the whole priority,But with Mongolians,Attack Chongyang Palace……
However, Zhao Zhijing also plays“A good disciple”、“Good brother”character of,Chu Deirers have no evidence to remove。
“Zhao Zhijing, a rural secret disciple,Xie Chu Heroes。”Zhao Zhijing is not happy than Chu Deirers.——What a young man also is also equipped“Advocate”I?
At the same time, there are three points of grievances.,It’s going to Wang Zhongyang ancestor.——Why don’t stay in Chongyang Palace?,Instead, pass it outside?
It’s just that the surface is not moving.,Because Zhao Zhijing is right《Congenital strength》It is also coveted。
How powerful is still,Mainly in the truth before this effort,Only the ancestor Wang Zhongyang is practicing,If you can also practice it,These three generations of palmism is stable.?
Chu Deirers also deliberately hide,obviously it is“Seven magical rainbow finger”,However, it is molded,Post palm in its back“Wind door”superior,And don’t take it,Just let Zhao Zhijing,As if there is only this,Come like it!
Seven-magical rainbow fingertips penetrate into Zhao Zhijing,Because when he was sitting quietly,Naturally, it is easy to invade the inferiority,Just because the Chu Deiren,Zhao Zhijing did not resist,But the real start of the old man……
Chu Deirers are also really selling,Hold him a time,After that, release the hand:“Hey,Pity,Zhao Dao Chang’s physical strength、The internal force is actually good.,If the heart is more stable,Maybe。”
Chu Deiren“This child is not stupid,Don’t use your mind”Tone。
Zhao Zhijing is a little unwilling,And the Chu Deirers,It’s even more awkward.……
The physical qualification is not good.,After all, Zhao Zigue has also been thirty years old.,However, Chu Deirers mean,Is his heart is not?
“《Congenital strength》It is the real understanding of the Chongyang ancestors.,Trinity is too strong,Instead, it is impossible to generate a sense of congenital gas.……Cough,Chu Mou said more,Zhao Daozhang doesn’t have to go in my heart。”Chu Deirers have a bit awkward。
certainly,Chu Deiren this pure ripe,Zhao Zhijing is purely the body is not good.!
Zhao Zhijing Wen Yan,I want to attack,Just thinking that the teachers are on the side,I have to force back,Smile:“hehe,I am fortunate、Lost me,Cannot force,Hehehe……”
Ma Yu looked at Zhao Zhijing,After that, it comforted a few words.。
In fact, Zhao Zhijing’s utility,Ma Wei received some,only……Not aware of it is not enough,For example, it is already considered,Zhao Zhijing can also control your own utility。
“志 丙,You come up。”Ma Wei followed。
Chu Deirers continue to move,But my heart has a big wrinkle eye eye.——On Jin Yongwu,The most exciting plenary disciple,志 丙 is definitely the king of ignorance.。
The name of this role is“Yin Zhiping”,The same as the whole true seven,It is the real name of Taoist historical figures。
Just,Too much smearing,and“Yin Zhiping”if,When shooting, you will play.,More than Guo Jing is still a few years old.,and“God carving”The plot is not worth,So later change it to the original name“志 丙”,Playing with the era of shooting“Yin Zhiping”Completely separated。