“What happened?”Buds。

“Oh oh,Birdy jacket classmate,Is there a problem?”Hanjiang Rapida。
Survey from the gerbilla cozy communication,Concerned about:“Han Jiang classmate, are you exercising?,Still?”
Although I know that my opposite can not see,Han Jiang also shakes his head:“no,If you have anything, let’s talk first.。”
“Is such that,Tri Si brigade for thanks to our lives,I want to celebrate the end of practical training with us.,By the way, thank our help。
Turi Siped me when I came back in the morning.,I think Hanjiang students are not good at cooking.,Time to eat again to inform you。
Now they have already started,You will come over.。”
Chapter 57 It’s all lie to you.
“Not waiting,and many more。”Han Jiang suddenly feels unsatisfactory。
“Your dormitory is a few?”
“Girl dormitory,Facultist living in the area,A1,Can you find it??”Bud jackets thought about it.:“or,I let Qi Ya, pick you?”
“Find,Find,I will come over.。”
Now being threatened by a witch costume,Let Han Jiang have no longer think more。
Hang up the communication,Han Jiang to the girl’s dormitoryB6Run in the direction。
“Drop Hanjiang classmates,There are still three minutes,With your strength,Three minutes to our dormitory is not very difficult.。”Lihua Glass once again sent a communication。
Han Jiang looked at the school map,Bite broke out, crash,His one English name can not be destroyed。
When Hanjiang has rushed out,Tri Four people have been waiting in the dormitory door.。
“Hanjiang classmates,Sorry, let you come in such a short time。”Tiri first said,Then I nuzza to Lihua Liuli。
Lihua glass hand with a bag,Around Hanjiang。
“Your clothes size we have asked Ji Miss teacher.,Is bought according to your armor size,It should be just right。”
“We deliberately asked the Ji Miss teacher to send boys and what gifts are better.,The teacher of Ji said that you come to Santa Fer Ya to be two months.,Usually two sets of academic uniform rounds,So we plan to send you this。”
“Let you come over to pay attention to the teacher of the teacher,She also said that you must wear the suit of the long-air market.,She really said yes.。”Teli。
“Let’s go in and change your new clothes.,It’s a rare gathering, you have to wear a school uniform party.?”Lihua glass pushes Hanjiang to walk to his dormitory。
“What picture,I am not,It’s all lie to you.。”Lihua glass vomiting tongue。
“In the afternoon, we contacted Joyce Teachers,He http://www.calmbuy.cn told us you would not bother you sleeping。”Tri silk explains later。
Han Jiang was promoted to the dormitory,Lihua glass“duagn”A handle,Shout outside outside:“Change your clothes,Then go to the buds them to dormitory。”
Han River glanced at the dormitory environment,There is no difference with yourself.,But there are many girls’ decorations.,It seems that there is more lovely。
Then Hanjiang low-looking at the Trien brigade shook his head to his clothes.,They have their own hearts.。
Han Jiang usually do not dress up,Feeling clothes can wear,Where can I think about what is the academic uniform?。
And changing clothes in girls dormitory,More little feeling is a bit strange,Although it is just a hall。
“be quick,They are still waiting for buds.!”Lihua Glass is rumored outside:“No one peeks you!”
Han Jiang oh,Go to the bathroom to start changing clothes。http://www.0755kobelco.cn