“I certainly give you face。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“However, you want to make those people who can kill me.,It’s so ridiculous.。”

“You can try!”Golden is horrific and hoped Lin Feng Road。
“I don’t have this idle heart.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“You first wait,I need some white tiger blood。”Talking between Lin Feng’s hand grasped the belly of this golden big tiger。
A terrible suction rushed out。
This golden big tiger is crazy about flowing,Flying in the hands of Lin Feng。
The golden big tiger issued an angry roar voice.,This is the humiliating,It has a white tiger blood in it,Natural distinguished,At this moment, it was killed by one by humans.,This is what it can’t tolerate。
“Lin Feng!”
Golden face, gloomy, can drop the water。
The blood flowing in this golden big tiger has more and more,The breath is gradually weak,Several breathing time Lin Feng’s hand has a huge blood ball,Blood color is filled from inside。
“enough!”Jin Shang Cang looked at the dying gold big tiger:“You ask your condition.。”
“I want to know your base location!”Lin Feng faint。
“impossible!”Golden Mangou:“Anything about the base cannot be disclosed,Open other conditions。”
“it is good,I will open other conditions.。”Lin Feng heard the face of gold:“Take a flashing knife,I know you have a soldier.,Lightning knife,This is a thunderner,Useless。”
“impossible!”Jin Shang He heard that it directly:“Lin Feng,I give you10000Kingshi,This is a stroke,You have already got so much.。”
“old man,Lessibly。”The golden big snake took a few words in a smoke.:“You are also very loving that our sacred beast is,Worth10000Kingshi?”
“good,I take20000Kingshi,You sell it to me.?”Lin Feng smiled and said:“I want a lightning knife that I have given you a face.。”
“Roar!”Tiger Wang smashed,The disglement glances on the golden claws:“old man,It’s better to give us ten thousand years of blood.。”
Jin Shang, hello, the almost vomiting blood,The millennium blood is like a Chinese cabbage in their http://www.ramboedu.cn eyes.,I have to ask for ten at once.。
“it is good,Lin Feng,I promise you。”Golden Head Wonder the teeth:“I hope you abide by the agreement.,Immediately leave!”
“do not worry,I am still not here.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Speed,Don’t let me wait too long.。”
“it is good,it is good!”Jin Shang Cang’s figure turned and disappeared。
“Be careful of this old guy。”Golden Big Pyra。
“I know,You can rest assured.,I am free to calculate。”Lin Feng is sharp and looking to the void:“Be careful。”
“Humanity,Put me,I can tell you where the base is located.。”At this time, the golden big tiger controlled by Lin Feng suddenly draws a few words.。
“you know?How can you know。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Don’t lying here。”
“Do you need to lie to you??”Gold big tiger draws a few words:“That junior,Do you think we will lying by White http://www.vm-online.cn Tiger??”
“I don’t know this.。”Tiger King draws a few words:“There is nothing in front of me.,Be careful, I went wrong with you.,You should know the rules!”
“Small generation,I don’t want to fight with you.。”Golden big tiger:“Humanity,Letter do not believe you,Their technology has broken through,I want to kill you is also a minute minute.。”
“You don’t want to talk about it here.,I ask you what you are here.?”Lin Feng asked。
“They invited this emperor to stay in a white tiger.。”Gold big tiger draws a few words。
Tell this,Lin Feng suddenly stunned,It’s a half-day.,The same moment, the Tiger King is staring at the golden big tiger.。
“This emperor has not been able to get it.!”Gold big tiger draws a few words:“Small generation,Do you have a chance?。”
“Old forest,Can’t put this guy back。”Tiger King draws a http://www.cdjingshui.cn few words。