The law of the disease did not put Hanjiang in the eyes at all.,It seems that she needs her to re-examine.,When will human beings have such a figure??

There is no stop after the red scorpion of the air.,But attack the quantum of the quantum.,Thoroughly abrasive the activity of quantum。
When the law of inflammation is entangled with the shadow of the red 缨 and the quantum,Wrapped in a flame fire,Attack Han Jiang and Cheng Li Xue。
Chapter 192 Have you come over?
Cheng Li Snow Transfer Step,Expose yourself in front of the law,Put the sword and front。
Suddenly,Hanjiang around me is broken in Cheng Li.。
Water streams wrapped around the sword began to condense,The rolling of the rhythm of the inflammation is a bit。
Even ordinary Sword,Cheng Li Xue Shi Show,Power is still weak。
The true strength of the cold swordsman Tucheng,The law of inflammation is also riveting and attacking.。
Hanjiang burst,Red smoothed the gun with the shadow of the quantum,Fly down。
The arrest of the inflammation is staring at Hanjiang.,The route of her attack is just the same as the route recovered by the Red Wei.。
Red Haizhan is carrying endless flameless,The law of the inflammation is jealous。 For the people of this world,,The way to eliminate the shadow of quantum is very limited,Every time it costs very much time,Whether it is human or a law。
So she only supported Hanjiang to deal with the shadow of quantum.,Take the opportunity to attack Cheng Lixue。
Just didn’t think,That sudden man,Actually re-recovered the weapons of the play。
The law of inflammation has to slow down his own speed,Divide a power to deal with the red dragonfly from top。
Red dragonfly is the key to the domination,The more powerful flame,The greater the energy of the red dragonfly。
Red scorpion head passes through the left arm of inflammation,Return to Hanjiang’s hand。
Han Jiang holds a circle of red dragonfly,Looking at the law of inflammation in the air:“Also come back again??”
At this time, the red dragonfly didn’t have the rightness.,The floral pattern of the gun body is full of flowers,It seems that there is no difference between it and ordinary guns.。
But the law of inflammation does not gamble,If you give Han Jiang chance,Re-put the means of dealing with the day of foreign objects on her
The law of inflammation is hidden in the flame,Quickly refund the distance of dozens of meters。
This makes the Cheng Li, who is waiting for.,I have prepared it all.,I didn’t expect the law of Yan.。
In the past,Both sides are mostly picked up,Cheng Lixue is also a lot of defeat。
She once discussed with many female martial arts,If you have more than fiveAAuxiliary,Come and stabilize the patient,But there is still a bit difficult to completely kill。
But now only one Han Jiang,Actually, the law of inflammation has been returning for the first time.。
At this time, Hanjiang is already in the middle.,Zero-rated power,Fully blow。
Although most of the power of use is energy from the maintenance of the maintenance.,There is also the law of inflammation.。
But also needs Hanjiang initial drive,After this, his state fell sharply.,The strength can have usually half of half.。
“Have you come over??”Hanjiang provocation is screaming on the front of the top.。
He can’t see where the arms are hiding.,It is also the law of gambling, I don’t dare to come.。
After the red dragonfly, the shadow of the quantum,Also slowly moved,Thoroughly coming in this world bubble。
At this time, the body type of the quantum is at least two-thirds.,And the fluctuation of the world,Only such a monster come in。
“Extraordinary,Has been completely!”Cheng Li Xue Small Remind。
The shadow of quantum is a strange thing,Whether human beings in the world bubble,Still there is a big threat。