Summer laughs and not speak。

A moment,Yun Yun’s face has been shocked、stunned、Unbelievable look,Connection。
She looked up in the summer,“Appearance is complete,There are not many changes in the crowds.,But there is no damage to damage,The circulation of this tool is also extremely smooth.,summer,Your luck is really good.。”
Toned,Sink,“In our transaction amount,I can give you a transaction of eleven thousand gods.。”
Summer nodded,The price of her gives the price and Yan Li master is almost the same.。
Even more than 10,000 gods。
“One hundred and ten thousand?”
Han Ruolin, who has been paying attention to, has changed again.。
Think here,She is cold and cold,“Boy,I tell you,Today’s round to me,If you sell,Must be traded with me,If you sell it to Yun Yun,Is her cheating,Performance!”
“Han Ruolin,You are too much.……”Yun Yun’s pretty face,Slaid standing up and glaring each other。
“Yun Yun。”
Summer smiles,Eye comforts her and not。
He is obliquely with Han Ruolin,“Who said that I have to sell it now?,I just make friends to estimate a price,I will wait for the value for sale.……Bite the eye with me,Are you still tender?。”
“master,This woman is stupid.。”
Yafu and Qingxians laughed up,Sound is exhibited,All look at Han Ruolin with a look of idiot.。
Two girls don’t have a little,And the action is quite exaggerated,Laughing is not allowed,Laughing。
So in this feast,Nor,Small channel,“summer,I listened to the girl called your master.,They are……”Summer reveals helpless colors,Plate up face。
Yafu immediately converges smile,A poor look,“master,I,I’m wrong。”
Sighing again in the summer,I don’t know what to say.,Sorctivity to the Yanli Master。
“Yanli Master,Why do you follow me??”
Yan Li’s master is smiling,Wen said behind the color,Dry cough,“cough……The old man wants to see how much your harvest,Look for a lively,Hahaha。”
“This old man’s face is thicker。”
“Yeah yeah,And the features,But the old man is not bad。”
“Um,The old man is not bad,But good teacher,Favorite,Highlight yourself。”
“Numbers,Old man is an advantage,It is not bad,Bare to count a good person。”
“……”Qingshi and Yafu are 嘀嘀。
Yan Li master face a black,Corner of the mouth。
“Hen”Yun Yun can’t help but laugh one side.。
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Han Ruolin……It turned entirely into an outsider。