“Oh.!There are people there.!”Nan Ge said back and aimed at the moment.,Speed up the speed。

“I smell the fragrance.!”槐 序 也 也。
Jinghong has several night markets,The most popular people are familiar with the Shuhuang Night Market in the Shuangscape of the West,That is the money。They are now going to the city’s riverside night market,Named near the 江。Nan Ge has already checked,Walking around and introduces the advantages of this night market contrast to the night market。
It http://www.tjb-art.cn is already two in the morning。
Many sell handicrafts、Souvenirs’ small stalls have been delivered,The nightfast is still open.,There are not a few people.。The waterfront is therefore a bit cold,The riverside lanter is still flashing.。
They first turned a circle,I saw a booth for selling fruits that I have not received it.,I bought a pineapple and hugged.。Take out a few steps,Nan Ge feels delicious and cheap,So I turned back to we called a few bags of fruits.,I chose a nightfield.。
Nan Ge and the 序 station in the preview。
序 心,Everything wants to eat。
Nan brother,No matter what you want to eat,Her answer is one——
So they got three pineapple rice as a staple food.,I have some soup fish and a fried cowhide.,Is a specialty。
Barbecue is divided into size:Big barbecue, a roast chicken,A lemao grilled http://www.szsftbwphnvffu.cn fish,A string don’t know what fish,Fifteen dollars a string of big five flowers a string,These are bamboo pieces‘Barbecue sign’of,Directly tied the meat directly on bamboo,It’s very rough and prostinal.。Small barbecue is very ordinary,Nothing,In short, Nan Ge caught a lot.,See the appearance of the eyebrows。
Finally, add two bottles of beer and a bottle of herbal tea.。
Zhouzhi is helpless。
Since the night of the night,How I got……
Nan Ge came back to sit down,Straighten your leg straight,Like deli in the beautiful leg。
She tapping the thigh with her hand,Alert:“I heard that there is still a barbecue here.,A string of life,We will taste it tomorrow night.。What else,What is a small string?,Name is a bit difficult,What kind of species have,Whether it is a string of five hair,At that time, we will directly http://www.guodalang.cn catch a few,How is more arrogant??”
Waited for five or six seconds,Didn’t wait for the answer,She turned his head and touched him with the elbow.:“is not it?”
“Yes Yes Yes……”
“Do you want to sleep very much??”
“I have a little acid in my eyes.,But still quite awake。”Zhou I want to think,“Walk outside,Not sleepy。”
“Anyway, I am not sleepy.。”
“Of course you are not sleepy。”
Nano’s normal biological clock also won three or four points。
Before the week, when I was playing with Nan Ge, I was a couple.,Every time he reminds Nan Ge to sleep early.,Nan Ge has agreed very well,The mouth sounds say it is asleep.。I asked her to sleep next day.,She said that she and he have been sleeping with him.,The storm is also said that there is no black brother.。Do you have a small girl?,Zhouzhi is fooled by her.。
miracly,As long as there is something,She can still get up early and have a spirit.。
There is no longer。
Two people chatting,Barbecue gradually came up。
Full of a table,Large string,The three aspects of color fragrance are full of strong local features。
Citronus、Millet spicy、lemon、Banana leaf……Don’t taste it,Just look or smell,You can feel the unique version of the BBQ。Lemon and millet spicy composition、The south of the dried disc is the main feature of the taste of barbecue.。
Nange used pork belly to documented with lemon,A bit,Suddenly narrow your eyes。
She comes like。
Irrush a beer,Beautiful drop!
It is four points to return to the hotel.。