Tirava has a joy of hiding。

“Um!Tiger,Do you like Xiaofan??I remember that you like him very much on the first day.!Later, I didn’t take it.!”
“Tiger,You think our home is burning because Xiaofan?”
Hesitation,Niu http://www.njlhj.cn Niu still chose directly to ask。
“Tiger,Even if Xiaofan has not been sent to our home,We can’t escape this disaster.。Do you know why?”
Tiger’s doubtful look at Niu Niu。
“Let’s do business with Zhou Master.,Let’s have it and this matter is implicated.。They didn’t find Xiaofan in our families.?Not the same as our life!”
“So we can’t blame,You can’t blame you.。you think,If we are very powerful,Those people don’t dare to move us.?”
“Um!Waiting for us to become energetic,Revenge!”
Niu Niu is surprised,I haven’t mentioned this.!
“Mr. said,Gentleman avenge,Ten years old!Waiting for me to take my fame,Have an official。His businessman,I will definitely fight me.!”
“By the time,I let people fire all the yard.。He is so bad,Certain people who are willing to help him!”
Say,Tirah’s thoughts http://www.minghaorun.cn are a bit awesome.!
But this is right.!Be bullying,I still don’t want to revenge,It is a problem with the brain.!
Can you not have a good person with a German?,I don’t want a few brothers.。Have a hatred should be a good style of Sujia。
However, the revenge can not take a good time.,Not that simple!
The foundation of Zhou Jia is in that?!Otherwise, the monk is not until now.,It’s still can’t be turned over.!
Niu Niu, didn’t think about how to tell him about the official business,Will always understand!
I also want to go this route is not!
“Correct,Let’s revenge together!Burning his house,Burn him a skein!so,Tiger, you have to take a book!When we arrived, let’s let it be arrested.!”
“I will seriously read the book.!”
Tiger, holding a small fist。
Niu Niuyi, a scorpion, can be taught,Solemn http://www.banyn.cn patted his shoulders,
“Let’s cheer together!All right,Go to bed!”
Niu Niu sat on the threshold for a while,Touch the head of Wing,Only back to your own room。
I still think about Wang Cai’s feel on all the way.。
It seems that after feeding, I will drink water.,It grows better and better.!The fur is getting more smoothly,Darkly!
Sometimes call it,I can understand it!
“mother?Don’t you go back to your room??”
Niu Niu entered the house,Found that the mother is not going to return to the house,Some strange。
“how?Niu Niu Shangyi and Mother Sleep?”
Waitao looks like a girl looking at Niu Niu,As if just as long as you say one“Do not”Character,She will hold out the sadness of the queue.。
Niu Niu really can’t refuse。
“No!Mother sleep with me,I am happy, I haven’t come.!”
“That’s good!Come upon,Mother gave you the quilt.!”
“it is good!”
Niu Niuzhong 被 被,Two hands are on the side。Two big eyes,I seem to have gossip today.?Do you want to ask yourself??