But here,Shen Xuan itself,I don’t think it happened.。

And the weight,This,Shen Xuan is a very random。
“Even so,but,I feel,Since we have already hurt this Yin family!”
“So let’s http://www.jxh08.cn everyone,It’s better to simply。”
When Shen Xuan finished,Those people have nodded。
at this point,In fact, they are now,I hope I see it.。
“Shen Xuan said very right,This Yin Home,I will know this later sooner or later.。”
“so now,Let’s everyone must first start.。”
Anguo said these things,It is very concerned that it is very concerned.。
After all, I will follow it.,at this point,Related to his tasks。
And Shen Xuan,Don’t think。
Don’t say Yin Home,Even if you have a few more,What can I?
Is it really thought,So Shen Xuan put them in the eyes?
Then,You can make a big mistake.。
so now,When these people have visually brush,suddenly,They don’t know how to say it.。
Just think,Such a thing,It’s not to let them begin.。
But in front of you,The more you look at it, the more you feel very surprised.。
http://www.fcllq.cn obviously,at this point,In fact, Anguo is also completely unfained. What is going on?。
Yet,A little,In fact, Angui still knows。
That is all this,Follow up behind Shen Xuan,Never there is any wrong。
Think of this,Shenxuan at this time,The more you look, the more it is。
“Everyone can rest assured,Just follow me later,I will never treat everyone.。”
“And now,These families,They arrive,One by one,All must be finished!”
When Shen Xuan finished,Surroundings,The more you look, the more it feels.,Such a thing,For them,It’s a good thing to do.。
Chapter 749 must be except this kid
“shame,simply,Is a shameful humiliation。”
“did not think of,Actually,Will encounter such a thing!”
When Yin Chengwen’s line of sight is in front of him,His eyes,It’s even a murder.。
Surroundings,Although their hearts are very clear,What is this?。
But now,But no one is saying it all.。
Because of their hearts,For such things,It’s too much to understand.。
Just here,When Yin Chengwen’s consciousness looks at the eye,The more like this,In fact, in this case now。
Yin Chengwen itself,What happens, the more you feel。