This person has to be a soldier,Can’t be a door,Can’t be selfish,Gran Square,The easiest is full。As for the third,It is this person to be very loyal to Yu.,Will not engage in Changan when he is elvere with Wei Xia broadband with Zhou Jun!

That kind of people,Indeed, you can’t find it casually.,Nothing can be found casually!
“Do you think who is more appropriate??”
Yu Yu thought of a person,Just a little joy。
“Ministers think,Qi Wang Yuxian,You can take this heavy!”
This is really a piece with Yu.,Just he is your brother,It is also a little taboo!Be aware of this“Chicken duck”,When I was in Chang’an, I met a big resistance.。
All is the desperate lead to help Yang Jian as a demonstration,Changan’s many people are willing to give face。
In comparison,Gao Baoyi“Economic means”Although it is not allowed to go on a table,It is the whole country,People in all walks of order are mobilized.。
It can be seen that the country is not to see the scene.,Still:Take his black cat white cat,Cats who can catch mouse are good cats!
“You want to think about it.。”
Yu Hao is obviously not determined。
No, there is a sentence called the rape loyalty?You can guarantee that Yu Xian is not acting?
Yang Jian did not speak,Just both hands,If you have a gift, you will be retired.。Some words can’t talk,Don’t say more,If you mean it.。
otherwise,Yu Yu wants to think that he is a party with Ude,Collision,That is not beautiful.。
For government affairs,Yang Jian is now very skilled,It looks old,It is not compliant with his young appearance.。
Now there is already a saying that Yang Jian,Not like the people,It seems that there is a master of the master,Can’t wait for a long time!Where is this rumor?,Yang Jian did not ask for self-knowledge。
Probilizers also know who is the hand,So I didn’t pursue this matter at all.,Junchen two people do not show,I have never mentioned these rumors.。
As for how it is intended in the heart,Yang Jian did not ask,Will not ask,certainly,He will not be used as a nothing.。
Beam column,As a leader who makes Yang family reunion,Yang Jian is not so much time to think about it.!
As a relative letter,He itself has sinned the heart of Guanho.,With those people!Therefore,So Yu Hao dares to use him boldly。
While getting power,Lose freedom,Lose back,This is a very normal thing.,What is worth the reason??
“His Majesty,Minishen wants to ask the handsome flag,Not sure if this is possible?”
The flag of the emperor in the army,Car,Umbrella,Belong to“etiquette”a part of,It’s easy to move!Yang Jian, although this is replaced by Yu Yu。
but,Yu’s handsome flag,It’s not to say that I can take it.,It is the same as one side in private.,It’s more dead!
“Ai Qing assured,I am ready.,If you are not prepared,Can you deceive the Turk?”
NS826chapter Is it my own or you?(Down)
Compared to Yang Jian’s crockery、The friend of catching chickens,Gao Boyi seems to be more relaxed,Because he has already done the Kung Fu’s work under the table in front.。
What is the most critical??
Feed?A chicken seedlings?Still a circle?
In fact, it is not,The most important thing is the capital chain!
As long as the fund chain is not broken,Then farmers will continue to raise the energy source,Then gave the chicken to the policy!after all,sell away,The fund is coming back.,Next operation,Continue to raise chicken seedlings,Three start。
at the same time,Many farmers have found that these chicken duck spontaneously go to the field to find a locust egg.,In this way, there are many feed money.!