“people say……Summer is hosted,This year,It should be more than three courses?”

Huayun Xian is a gangster,At this moment, there are some suffering from being lost.。
Everyone http://www.foutj.cn faces each other,Not good answer。
Finally, a healthy law is old to break the silence.。
“阙 主,Our disciples from the production,A total of more than 3,000 people,Even if you are desperately,Do not sleep,Up to four courses。”
Talking is an old man,Welcome a gaze,Also,“I am responsible for this matter in previous years.,I am very clear about these three thousand people.,Four base,Already the limit。”
Everyone nodded。
Huayunxian sighs sigh,“in this case,Ten contribution base,More than one base……Ugh,Also barely said,Just this time,After all, the Beidou Palace has a five-character master.,And the other party secretly prepared three years in advance.……”Everyone is silent again,The atmosphere has become heavy。
About this news,You have already known yourself。
When the day, the ancient times came to Yaowu http://www.jzsmg.cn Yangwei,Let Huayunxian to the Beidou Palace,And inform,The Ninglang Hui, the Beidou Palace has broken through the five big masters.。
In fact,This person broke through three years ago.,Just to expose for a year。
And after recently,Refiner’s guild also came message,The Refractor Association specially opened the door to the door。
He passed the assessment,Get the badge certification of the five big masters。
“Old water,Summer long future,Tell you to tell the information you get.。”
The old old,Alert,“Allocate,According to the intelligence I received,Oversee,Multiple analysis,I can get some conclusions.。”
Toned,Spit a sentence with a heavy tone。
“Beidou Palace this year,Crocerately takes a tribute to at least 30 or more base!”
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Thirty bases or more。
The http://www.nanyatechan.cn old voice of the old is falling,Everyone in the field changed color。
Atmosphere is instantaneous。
Everyone knows the large forces of the Beifou Palace,Can still think of,Will come out such a big tribute。
Underground,The general large force takes 30 courses,It’s already a bad。
And they,According to estimation,Take the top ten tribute。
How is this。