“Then I mention the conditions?”

“I will naturally do it.!”
“That’s how it is said.!”
“A word!”
Uncle http://www.xiaomendun.cn Hao put a South from the back door and returned,I found that Niu Niu is still worried.,
“Are you OK!”
Niu Niu is very reluctant to tear out a smile,
“Uncle,You help me think a means,I want to go out.!”
“Now the frontier is not peaceful!”
“I know,But I am not!”
“The old man is not so easy.,I think about it.!”
Uncle, uncle, http://www.chenxiafu.cn it’s hard to talk about it than yourself.。
Su Merfen love grandson,How can it easily,Still this time node。
“Can’t you go after you??On these two days!If you have a holiday, it is more convenient.,Master Su will definitely agree!”
“At that time, it was late.!”
“How is it so anxious??”
“Uncle,You think about it first!”
Niu Niu also went back to organize his thoughts。
“correct,I have seen a south thing, don’t tell me the big brother.!”
http://www.kabmaster.cn “Yes!”
“Niu Niu,What do you say??How to use this long time!”
Come out,Hezi took the arm of Niu Niu。
A pair of respect。
“Just say some business things,When is it now??”
“It’s just a good afternoon.!I have to call you anymore.!”
“Maybe it’s too god.!”
Later,Niu Niuyi refused to play with Hezi。