Niu Niu Dark Self-given this husband,This didn’t say it wrong.,Want to care for books!And this is a handwritten,Handbruff,This gentleman is also a good job.!

“Mr. is so good to you.,You have to know how to be grateful.,Follow Mr.。Do you understand?”
“mother,I know,I am awkward today.,Mr. also praises me?!Don’t believe you can ask your big brother!”
Said that the Tirah is looking forward to see Su Yuqing,Others also stared at him straight.。Especially my ancient mother,Eye god is especially hot,
“Is the Tirah said true??Mr. is really praise.?”
“Um,Today, Tihu is very obedient.!Mr. said that he is much better than the previous two days.!”
No fight!Unpredictable!But don’t say this later, don’t say it.,So from everyone’s intelligence!
really,TiMa heard Su Yuqing to say when he said、happy,Then proudly follow the big mother,
“mother,look!I will definitely not lie to you.!”
“Knew!Mother is happy for you,Continue to keep it later,Don’t be proud of them.!”
“It’s hard to be so obedient today.,Mother will give you more meals,Let’s have enough,make persistent efforts!”
Daurother heard that Su Yuqing affirmed an answer is also very happy.,Give two people full of a bowl of rice。
“it is good!I eat more,Long and strong!Can protect the mother!There is also grandparent grandmother’s uncle.!”
Crazy in your own big brother,TiMova is finally comfortable to fried.,Then everyone is happy。
“correct!Niu Niu, you will eat it.,Are we not going to Lin Grande??Hey~~Bother~”
“Don’t listen to your grandfather,Niu Niu slowly eaten!Not in a hurry!”
Grandpa Sui smashed everyone.,Then Su Grandma understood everyone.。The heart is not going to eat,Leave Su Ye Yue’s grandmother for his eyes,
“Wife,You step on me.!Still useful!”
“Do you know if you don’t have to die??Did you ask me to step on you.,There is no number in your heart.!Yesterday is you reminded,Put the girl!Today is still coming,You are endless, yes.!”
“I am not intentional.!I just have an urgent need.!You said that I didn’t think of it.!Strange pain!”
“I want to say that you can think of it.,I just asked me.!I step on you and step on it.!”
“No no,How can it be?!I’m wrong,This is wrong, is it wrong??”
“What you are wrong, you can’t,Originally your fault!”
“Yes Yes Yes,My fault, my fault!”
“Wife,You taste this!This is delicious.!”
The grandfather of Su Ye has become the final humbleness.,Hurry up a piece of vegetables,By the way, hiding her sharp eyes。
this life,I am afraid that it is planted in this old companion.
“grandfather,I have a good time.,We can go.!Do you want to go together?!”
In addition to learning a little experience,Also, you can help take things.。The wooden box is not easy to hold over.!Obvious,Grandpa Su also thought of this,
“Correct,Ganjiao is going with us.!See if there is any good opinion!”
Su Yuqing received this request.
Is it not a matter of business??How to call yourself today?It turned out to be here waiting for yourself.!Su Yuqing held the box helplessly followed the grandfather and the girl。However, this excuse is really looking for it.!
“Grandpa!we are coming!”
Grandpa Lin is still busy with yesterday.,Even the movements of opening the door are all like it yesterday.。Wash your hands first,Then pick a piece of corner handle,Going over and open the hospital door
“You can count,I have just thought about you.,Do I want to go to you??”