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Chapter Six 52Monument of Chaos
As Zi Linghou said,After Li Ming entered the original universe,Soon, a staff member of the virtual universe company came to contact,And let Li Ming know some of the secrets of practice in this initial universe。
In this initial universe,The core is a city—Chaos City。Countless strong men who entered this initial universe,More than 90% stay in Chaos City,This Chaos City is naturally the core spiritual holy land of the entire human universe。
Chaos City,There is an iron rule,Three treasures。
The so-called iron rule,Refers to the absolute prohibition of fighting in the original universe。
This rule is very clear,Don’t say it’s a little guy like him,Even if it’s a great cosmic nation,If you dare to do it,Will be punished。
The Three Treasures of Chaos City,It refers to three things that are very useful for cultivation in Chaos City。
First treasure,It is the law of the universe that can be seen by the naked eye。The rules are visible to the naked eye,It is naturally faster to understand。
Second treasure,Outside Chaos City,Hunt the Chaos Beast,Can get Chaos True Spirit。Absorb this chaotic true spirit,Will transform your soul,Make your soul stronger,Deduction of the law faster。
“And this third treasure,Is the most precious52Monument of Chaos。Also represents52A avenue of practice,The road leading directly to the pinnacle!If you understand a chaos monument,Then it will directly become the real super existence in the universe,Even if you want to create a universe,Also easy。”
The black robe messenger of Chaos City smiled and said to Li Ming:“His Royal Highness Li Ming,This52Monument of Chaos,In the history of the universe,Developed by some super powerful,A universe ruler with a slightly more ordinary strength is not qualified to set up his own chaos monument。This52Monument of Chaos,In fact, it also represents52Different schools of practice,In fact, it’s rare for humans to reach that level,But it’s far more than52Bit,It’s just that their paths overlap。”
“you can say so,Although known as the Three Treasures of Chaos City,But in fact, the first two treasures only increase the speed of practice a little,And this chaotic monument,But it really points out the path of practice,So that our human spiritual path has formed a system。”There is a kind of respect in the tone of the black robe messenger。
“In the virtual universe,There are fifty-two towers,Corresponds to this52Monument of Chaos。”
“His Royal Highness Li Ming,You wanted to challenge the original secret before—I can say very clearly,If you can get past the tenth level in the universe,It’s easy to become a member of the Primal Secret Realm。”