An instant,Leo couldn’t help laughing。

He has worked very hard,But I can’t help it。
now,Leo’s laughter spread everywhere,Make everyone confused。
Boll’s face sank,I actually laughed in front of him,This is not to give him face。
But what he didn’t know was,Just because he’s too much for him,That’s why I couldn’t help laughing。
“Humph,You can still laugh when you die!”
“no way,Because you are so ugly,I can’t help it!Hahaha!”
A group of people are even more speechless,What the hell happened?
They rely on strength,The face is just long,It’s not weird to be ugly!
“Damn!”Pol, who was thinking of being able to persuade Leo to join his power, looked gloomy.,Black can drip water。
“It seems you don’t see the coffin or cry,Just let me try your strength!”
Speaking of Boll’s body becoming animalized,The whole person is more and more like an ugly monkey。
Seeing Boll’s momentum explode,Leo stopped laughing quickly,Then he said to Seun:“Senior thug,It’s your turn!”
Seun looked at Leo strangely:“Isn’t it the boss to the boss??Why let me go first?”
Leo said calmly:“If a cat or a dog asks me to act,So how do you work as a thug who doesn’t even know ancient characters?!”
Leo patted Seeun’s forehead and shoulder.,Then push Seun out。
Seren did not resist,Black face。