Fang Haozhen was jealous.,Say:“Ok,This has not yet married,Just care about him,Convinced,Real gold is not afraid of fire,If he really loves you,Not afraid of my test。”

“Ok,elder brother,I am not an elbow.,Don’t be jealous,I am no matter where it is.,Are your good sister。”Fang Tingting said with a smile。
“Don’t have an early statement now,Wait until you marry,If there is this heart,I am really happy when I arrive.,You?,Happy brother from small。”Fang Hao is pretended to be seriously,The heart is in fact, I have been laughing.,Because he feels,My little sister grows up.。
That cries, look for yourself to eat.,That has been following the fart behind him,Finally grew up,How long does it take?,She will wear a white wedding dress,Go to the wedding hall。
His heart is full of happiness,Also full,Very contradiction。
But he knows this is the way,I can’t always be sleepy.,She also wants to find a party belonging to her own.,Go to create the home belonging to yourself。
And this family is still a mother.,Welcome to the door forever。
Their story is still continuing,Continue to stage in the potted pots in the plain and happiness of the people,Continue to stage in a satisfied coffee salt sauce vinegar。
The story belonging to them,But Fang Hao wants to tell Zhou Niwu’s story has ended。
Zhou Ye I heard that I have been very serious,Even reached the existence of my forgetting。
It turns out that the vastness did not lie to himself.,This story about the disease,Really turned,Very wonderful,Let him have all the unlimited wave。
Fang Hao is the same as the father of his father.,But a lost life,One is back to health,And wonderful life,The same disease leads to a completely different ending,Let a pair of father and son,Really sorry pain。And this story is the most important thing is,Diabetes is not invincible,Fang is just because I don’t pay much attention,Or don’t believe in the earth,It is not obtained when the condition is initiated.,Eventually getting worse,Until life is lost。
This is really enough.!Zhou Ye is in my heart,A doctor,See you,Is the most painful!
“I have finished this story.,Doctor,you say,My father is the same as me.,But he went to me.,I will always be a person who has no father.,This ending,Is our family affordable??”Fang Hao no longer keeps smiling,It is painful to fall in tears,He cried and issued questions,Eye god straight hook to see Wanyan。
In the process of telling this story,Although I have been working hard to make my expression,Not too big change,But love is,How to resist,The people are the drops.,Not a solid rock。
Zhou Yewu’s heart is jumping,He replied gently:“If your father went to the big hospital, he checked it.,Isolated is active after diabetes,Control your blood sugar every day,Maintain a healthy lifestyle,There must be no problem,But he did not,But this is not blame him.,And you should understand,It is there is the encounter of your father.,So you only hide a robbery,You hurry to go to the hospital for professional examination.,And active treatment,Then I have the opportunity to sit here and tell me the story.。”
Fang Hao’s tears,Sigh,Then restore the beginning of the beginning,His expression becomes a peaceful,He stared at Zhou Ye asked:“correct,Doctor,The story is finished.,You know who I am now??”
Zhou Ye, my eyes,Carefully think about it,Eventually shake your head,This shaking head,But let him smoke his eyes,He is somewhat embarrassed,Over 30 seconds,He reacted,It turns out everything I just saw.,Just dreaming。
It’s just a dream.!
but,Is this what it should be fortunate??
Maybe the same thing,Still playing in reality,How to define such a thing??It is because ignorance and stupidity,Let yourself go to die,Still don’t believe in doctors,So leading to the worst ending。
Maybe some people don’t believe in doctors,When they are sick,They tribute to their pass experience,Those who are not used at all,Can only delay the time of the earth,Zhou Ye is sitting from the bed,Strong rays in the eyes,Then walk quietly to the window sill,The dark night has begun to breathe white rays,New day is going to open,And this world,Is it still immersed in the past?,he does not know。
He only knows,Focus on doing yourself,Let more choose to come to the hospital,Do not regret their choices。
He suddenly had an answer in his heart,Problem for Fang Hao in the dream:“The story is finished.,Now you know who I am??”
he,Or he and his father,There are countless people,Have a name——patient,Or,I hope that people who wish to have a healthy life.,Can help them,Non-doctor。
He suddenly understood why he would do such a dream.,Why do the Fang Haoyu in the dream will think that he will hear this story?,Because this is his mission,It is the direction he must go to the direction.。
Everyone has something that must be done in this life.,Since choosing,Then continue forward。Oriental Avenue
“Dandan,I can’t hurt you.,Just because I love you,So I have to consider your future,I know that I am so selfish.,But please understand me.,I am also there.,I don’t want to be your burden.,So you still leave.~”Fang Hao said painfully,Full of heart is not sweet,But no power。
The most painful thing in the world is not too,I love a person deeply,But I have to break this feeling with her.。
Those dog blood movie stories will be written like this,Those love novels that make the little girl crying will also write,But life is often more cruel,Otherwise, there will be no such art comes from life.。
Sadness is often beautified,The sadness in the real life is not beautiful.,Will only make people more painful。
“I can’t leave.,You must cheer up.,This disease can be cured,I can accompany you.,Never give up,Until the disease。”Zhang Dandan is not moving,Still so firmly,The eyes are full of strong and affirmative eyes。