“Chu Shaoxia is poor!The brothers of the horse are dead to die.,US……Just suspect Murong’s motivation。”Xu Chang Lao was worse than the tone of the Chu Deirers.,It is probably seen that the Chu Deirers are Qiaofeng.。

“Bamboo?This is said that the brother refers to Murong Fu.?hehe,And the brother is still restless,Worried that Murong is killed by the owner of the horse,I also went to Luoyang pressure array.?”Chu Deirers have a little ritual on Ma Dun,But the reason is right.!
What is MA Dany?,Need Nan Muro、North Qiaofeng shot together?
Think about that Chen You may not be caused by Murong,Now, Joe Feng is a murderer.,I can’t say it.。
“Tall!What kind of person is my family?,Kill the Ma Da Yuan also needs pressure?”Wind wave evil immediately,As a result, it is naturally a quarreled with other flowers.。
“Didn’t know how to compile??I will teach you.,In fact, there is still a possibility……Ji Jie brother and Murong focus、Sleep and sleep,Each of the morning is wrong in the morning,After that, I was defeated by Murong on the owner of the horse.,This is not a reasonable way.?”Chu Deiren looks to Chen Youli,Obviously ironic。
Wind wave is refiting again:“You and Qiao Feng sleeps.!”
Chu Deman:???
It’s better to describe it when you sleep.?Murong home so base??
“I am for the gang base,Chu Shaoxia is not to return this to my personal grievances with Qiaofeng.,What did I say??”Chen You may not answer correctly.。
And the kana in the side,I always feel that the Chu Deiren just glanced at himself.,Just not obvious,What makes him not say?,Just this“Surnamed Chen”Hearing more happening。
After all, the fan is,He is also guilty……
Let Chu Deirers are some unexpectedly,Jiang Bifai Head took the head of the eyebrow:“good,This matter is indeed doubt。”
Xu Chang said at this time:“Jiang Dafin does not know!actually……In fact, the reason why there is such a thing today.,Naturally, not only because of some suspicious points.,But because the letter left by the brothers,This letter is a person who is highly looking forward.,Write to Wang Jiantong’s help!
Because it is serious,I don’t dare to claim,Specially found Tan Gong Tan Po, knowing the matter,And Zhao Qian Sun Brothers……”
Tan Po heard Xu Chang’s words,Some embarrassing Zhao Mun Sun said:“Brother,Thirty years ago,You just said.!”
Sure enough, you don’t expect the deer.!It is 30 years ago……kindness?Mountain customs?
Chu Deiren heard a thoughts。
“Thirty years ago?What mountain customs?I have no idea……I have no idea!”Zhao Qian Sun is because of the matter,Be scared,Later, my beloved sister married Tan Gong.、Cheng Tan Po now,Sad, madness is also heavier,When I heard Xu Chang, I made his old things.,But it is not at all。
But just at this time,The Master of the Temple of Tiantai Temple has arrived.……In the middle of everyone,It is also a smart light that has no martial arts.,Most German high。
Even the Jiang Bifai, who is famous for nearly ten years.,In the eyes of the old rivers and lakes,Also than I don’t want to be a master。
It is also a master that is both inside and outside the inside and outside.,But later, it is a plague in Minnan.,I have a poisonous,Recently, go overseas to find a restrained bark,It can be described as saving countless,Although the martial arts are ruined,But the rivers and lakes have respectful。
Qiao Feng saw the Master of Zhiguang,Also secretly tone,Only a master of Zhiguang, such a master of Dad,I won’t look at someone to smear him.……
The master of Zhiguang also has a Buddha’s heart.,Although I know Xu Chang Lao let him say what,But I saw Xu Chang Lao gave him a letter.,Wishgua is said:“At this time, it is the fault of the old people.,Really……It is better to tell this.,Be good?”
Chapter 83 vow
Wisdom is shameful to mention the matter,Also understand“When I was reported.”Reason,Proposed to ruin this letter,No one will mention again in the future……
However, Xu Chang Lao is open to persuade:“The gang is now the wind and rain,Wan Wang Zhiguang is really true,So will avoid the gang of 丐 丐!”
Qiaofeng can’t bear it,Practical angry eyes,I looked at this ancestor of myself.。
“Wind and rain?hehe,This is odd,Before the side of the horse retained this letter,Gang is very good,Northeast gang reunifies,Who doesn’t know that the gang is steaming?This horse is gone,Falling into the side of the man,The gang is immediately shaking on the wind and rain.……
Calculating this letter is really important,Wang Bang is a known person,Let this letter to reliable horse side,Otherwise, if you give some old people,I am afraid that I have long been shaken.!”
Chu Deirers are just a passerby,However, he can’t see this.,The more natural tone is getting better.。
“you!”Xu Chang lived naturally, he also heard it.,“Faint”Who is it?。
In fact, it really just saw this letter.,Xu Chongxi is committed——How can Wang Hao gave this letter to himself??
Now I am challenging by Chu Deirers.,How can there be no face?……
Qiao Feng also lifted in the heart,Did not stop Chu Deirers ridicule Xu Chongzhen。
“Chu Shark is because of the private time of Qiaofeng,Just a big thing to help,Is it a chivalry??”Xu Changqi accused。
“Chu Mou is not a chivalry,Not worry about Xu,But this is a big thing……Is it also listening to other elders?,Instead of listening only to some people’s dramaticism?”Chu Debans disdain。
I heard myself called“Xu Master”,Xu Chongzhen is more blown to blink,Obviously, I don’t think it’s called,But the other party is only very common“Old man”,Not a gang old、Seniors in Wulin!