“Tang brother is really courageous。”Lin Feng appreciates。

Just when Lin Feng said,A fantastic figure came over,This is a girl,Girl Slim,Wearing a snow white dress,It is like a lotus flower as pure and innocent.,Tail,Exquisite cheeks with cold。
Her body irregular,Rich,Her figure came to the three people。
“shadow?”Lin Feng looked at the girl shocked,He stared at the girl.,This girl doesn’t contact the shadow in anyway.,But that a pair of beautiful scorpions will not change。
“how?Don’t know?”Girl spoon,Her figure came to the three people,She is clear and cold,The sound is like a person.。
“cough,know,know。”Lin Feng Wen said,Nima,Too big, it’s too big.,If you don’t think of it, you can’t think of this shadow.。
“Forest president good eyesight,If not, I am familiar with Shadow,I am afraid I can’t recognize it.,How did you see it??”Night demon is amazed at Lin Feng Road。
“How do people change one by one?,Eyes are impossible to change,Even with some high-tech things cover,It is also difficult to cover your eyes。”Lin Feng smiled and explained。
“indeed so。”Obacoo head:“All right,Shadow you come to sign,Signed the word,Let’s talk about your brother.。”
“Um!”Nice,I immediately picked up the brush sign。
Signed the word,Night demon directly stamp,Then I handed a copy of Lin Feng.,Lin Feng will give the magic soul to the two.,Obacoo,Night demon,Shadow is standing up and left,They should talk to the flying fairy cabinet.,After all, they also hope to allocate some profits.。
Half time,The shadow of the shadow came to Lin Feng’s side.,She has a cup of tea ceremony:“Tea。”
“thanks,My pleasure。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“I can’t think of dreaming.,You can also teas。”
“you wanna die!”Shadow beauty, cold, staring at Lin Feng Road。
“Ha ha,Kidding。”Lin Feng smiled and looked at the shadow。
“Some people are ready to find you trouble。”Shadow suddenly:“When you are calculating others,Others also want to find you trouble。”
“Golden wheel back?”Lin Feng’s mouth with a brids。
“good,It is gold round back,You killed their people in South America。”Shadow explanation:“So he wanted to find you in trouble tonight.。”
“South America,South American things will never stop,This blood bomb is just beginning!”Lin Feng wrote gloomy,He has a disturbed picture of the Dragon Dragon Master.。
Qinglong Chamber of Commerce and the gods have a bloody sea。
This is also an important reason for Lin Feng highly wants to kill the sticks.,Many things are late,There must be a bloody battle between two big forces,Not you die,I died,Unrecognracted。
He wants to have a manual and,Big flying and others are not willing,Why is the brothers of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce so fast??In addition to Dan medicine,And they have forgotten the practice,The death of Cheng Tianlong’s father is always the pain in their heart.!
Moreover, sticks, gods, ambitious,Touriously disaster!
“In addition to the golden wheel,Dragon,Sheah,Liu Sheng, the island of midnight, will also secretly give you a gum。”Shadow faint road。
NS603chapter Touching the Po Po Appeal to teach the main and five drugs
“Dragon?Sheah?”Lin Feng wrinkled frown:“This two people secretly make mesacious.,Why do people who live in the midnight??”
“You are really noble.,Liu Shengzi is dead。”Shadow cold:“What is the cause of this thing is because you??You put in arsenic in people.。”
“Liu Shengzi?He first calculated me。”Lin Feng wrote a touch of words。
“What is this difference??No matter how Liang Zi has already completed,What’s more, this is a good thing for the island country in the bronze conference.。”Shadow tone is cold。
“Humph!”Lin Feng snorted:“Find me trouble?it is good,it is good,You are the big lady of Fei Xiangge,I ask where you can do it.?How far is the area of Fei Xian Island?”
“Flying Island Circle3000Rice is the protection area of Fei Xiandao,What do you get out of this area?,That is not our responsibility.。”Shadow explanation。
“It belongs to the shallow seas area?”Lin Feng heard the words。