“Hahaha!What are the weird things of the Flower and Grass team??This is the first time I saw someone who brought sponsors to play!”The audience laughed。

“Cough,Hello everyone,My name is Anna Cao,gameID:Anna baby。Although my leg is in cast,But my hands are still intact,I will use them to prove,Girls can also play games!”
Say Anna Cao,Under the stage lights,Threw the straw hat over his head into the air,Her straight golden hair, like a waterfall, spread out,Today she also specially pierced a playful ball head on top of her head,Highlight the beauty of frankness。
Prelude-newborn Chapter Forty Four Encountered a strong enemy
“Female players?……Hahaha!The Huacao team actually ranked a female player?!”
“This girl is pretty good,It’s a pity it’s a disability in a wheelchair……Do you guys say she can play games?”Voices of questioning on the scene repeated,Anna Cao puts on headphones,Isolate all discordant sounds。
Cao Anna accidentally,Glanced in the crowd,A familiar figure appeared on the reporter’s seat。
“Lu Yi……Why is he here too?”Anna Cao whispered。
“what?Where is the master?Actually watched the game?I know he must care about us!Since he is here,I have to behave well,Can’t lose!”Zhang Song responded to Cao Anna via a headset。
“Bros,I have registered player information,Zhao Ping is the sixth person today。”Feng Xichuan Road。
“amount……”Cao Anna has long been used to being treated as a man。
“Ok……Everyone must cheer for the game……You better don’t count on me……”Zhao Ping talked to his lips but didn’t finish it,I was just so nervous that I kept rubbing my hands。
“Flower team!Fighting!”The members of the Flower and Grass team shouted together。
When the interview with both players,Haruno Sakura and Miss Chan return to the host stage,Sitting in a row with Mr. Bantian,Missing sauce is between the two。
“Students from Communication University and University of Science and Technology,Hello!I’m Haruno Sakura, the host of this tournament。”