It turned out that Cha Guai waited outside the cave for a long time without seeing Chen Xiu come out,And there is no change in the cave,He couldn’t help but sneak in with curiosity。

Enter the cave,Seeing Chen Xiu’s expression on the floor in pain。At first he was afraid of Chen Xiu and didn’t dare to do more evil thoughts,I called Chen Xiu several times without any response,After a while, I can’t stop the evil thoughts in my heart after all,Picking up the stone on the ground and hitting Chen Xiu’s head。
Chen Xiu didn’t know the situation outside,But at this time he is full of real energy,The stone hit the head”Baihuixue”,Cha Guai was back shocked by the body guard’s True Qi and killed himself。
And Baihui Point is really connected to the human body、The main point of the second channel of the Governor,Chen Xiu hit him with a stone just enough to make the real energy from his dantian rush out。
I guessed it was my own life that saved Chen Xiu’s life!
Chen Xiu beat the corpse to vent his grievances,Look at the Yuanjing on the ground,Is half smaller than when he first saw it,Only the size of table tennis。
”Just consuming half of the energy makes me complete the 9th-grade true Qi,This Yuanjing is really amazing,No wonder that Liu Yibai wants Chachai to dig!”
Chen Xiu loves and hates this Yuanjing,Yuan Jing made him complete his ninth rank,Coupled with the Taoist soft sword, Chen Xiu now has the courage to fight against the ancestor of the white tiger.;
But the energy of Yuanjing is too huge,If it’s not a coincidence,Check and guess,Now I’m like a bursting balloon, rotten into a pile。
”This is a good thing that must be taken away!”
Chen Xiu didn’t dare to touch it with his hands,I’m afraid that my anger will fall into my dantian again,I first cut a stone box with a soft sword,Use the crane control power to put the Yuanjing into the stone box。
Be cautious,Chen Xiu is holding a stone in his left hand,Slowly grab the stone box with your right hand,If the power of the stone insulates Yuanjing, it will still flow into the body,Immediately hit his Baihui acupoint with a stone。
Finger touches the stone box,I feel the majestic power in Yuanjing, but it hasn’t penetrated the Dantian like before,Chen Xiu is here to peel off Chachai’s clothes and wrap them in a stone box,On your back,Out of the cave。