“Your mouth,Simply kicking women do not pay。”

“Hey-hey,But I am telling the truth.,Little does not lie。”
“okay,I will go in and blow the hair first.,You can’t go in.!”
Say this,Zhao Xiaoling directly into the house。
Just now she feels that she is too much to remind.。
But she doesn’t know.,Her reminder is just right in Li Hui’s look.。
soon,The bathroom is also transmitted in the bathroom.。
Zhao Xiaoling looked at the blurry shadow in the bathroom,Don’t feel a bit nervous。
After all, this seems to be that she is the first time to face Li Hui。
Even her has a kind of impulse to give Zhao Xiaoli to call a phone。
But hesitated for a long time,She still gave up。
On the evening,She has regretted that she didn’t call Zhao Xiaoli.,The same, she also understands,One person faces Li Hui, which is not possible to overcome each other.。
She is all at six o’clock on weekdays.,The result of the next day,She sleeps directly to 12 o’clock noon。
A moment,She also feels good,But I thought that I slept last night.,That is the same as the scaffold.。
It is also a little expectation not for her.,Looking forward to the next arrival。
Because of that state,She used to heard that it was an experience.。
Li Hui is also left in the morning.。
He came to the orchard,Seeing that Xu Tianci is safe in the guard.。
The same rhubarb is also,But the rhubarb is a bit。
Li Hui, who eat, feel distressed。
Xu Tianci naturally knows the existence of rhubarb,Last night, he did even tried this.,As a result, he can’t control each other.。
This makes him also speechless。
Even if he feels that it is the cause of Li Hui,He may be flying out by rhubarb.。
But let him be the most angry,He eats apple rhubarily dare to intervene,I don’t let him eat more。
This result made him think of a lot of ways to deal with rhubers.。
I even bought Bangou to the rhubarb。
Results The rhubarb seems to be smarter than him.,Indiscriminately。
“Hey-hey,Xu Da Ge,How is the orchard??”
“I am not bad.,But this is a bull, I can’t manage it.,One day in the Paba’s non-stop,Less than dozens of apples it is eating。”
I heard this,Li Hui is also a bit helpless.。
“This cattle is not taking,It is willing to eat it.,I came over this time, I want to ask if you can work now.!”
Zhao Xiaoling?”
“Correct,In addition to her, who can let you pick up?!”
Li Hui looked at Xu Tianci’s face,It also feels a speechless。
“Can be,But I can do it in terms of finance.,After all, hundreds of pieces,Thousands of pieces of total money I can do it.,But once the account is more,I don’t know how to get it.。”
“Hey-hey,Can take over,That will take me to find Lingjie to handover.,As for financial things, I will give it to Ling Sister.。”
How did Xu Tianci did not expect that Li Hui Feng arranged so quickly?。