And when he once again appeared,Helhi has appeared behind the night,Throw out a chain,Attempt to locked the neck of the night。

And when the iron chain set to the night,His body suddenly became a wooden pile,And his own belt has a knife to make the belt that makes an attack gesture.。
Cutting edge,Leave a deep knife on the ground,In the event of a thousand,Belt soil here to make the body to escape。
“Attempt,It’s a trouble’s ability,Even at the moment of attack,Can you use your ability to use it right??”
Writer with soil,Belong to spatial properties,When he entered the space,Night caught caught him“gas”,That is to say his mobile trajectory,Night is not seen。
Only he appears at the moment,Night can then find his position first,And counterattack。
But it is very troublesome with soil.,Wave-style water gates use two paragraphs of attacks,Plus time difference attack,Crack the Words of Words。
Chapter 433 Defeat Unexpello!(Second more)
But the night will not fly.,If you can’t do it, let the earth are not as if the earth is getting off.。
But this does not mean,No way to defeat the soil,Water door has a water door,Night also has a night’s way。
Isn’t it two paragraphs of attack??For his night’s night,The difficulty is not high.。
“Art fire escape ho fireball!”
Evue the land of the night attack,A jumping jump to the air,A monument of Unecai Waven。
Huge fireball burning whole street,Position with huge high temperature to night。
“Water wave”
More huge water flow,Directly swallow huge fireball,And the huge water flow directly along the street,Flow around。
Whether it is the secret of the dark,Is it a person in Yishabo?,At this moment, the big water rushed to the people.。
“Such powerful water,Such huge Chakra,Is this guy really a person of Unechebra??”
Well-known,Yishabo family,Although there is“Write wheel eye”This extremely excellent blood,But it is better than a thousand hands and swirls.,Chakra is not excellent。
And the ninja in the family,Chakra’s properties are mostly fire、Thunder、wind,The water attribute of Chakra is not,But less。
“What to stay??If you follow,I will grab your eyes.。
Water segregation!”
Because of the rush of water,The current street is like a river.,With the rapid printing of the night hand,A high pressure water gun,Suddenly exploded to the air。
But there is no accident,The high pressure water gun penetrates again,Fundamental to the body with soil。
“How many times do you try?,The result is the same,Your attack is impossible to cause a variety of impacts.。”
Belt soil just wants to ridicule night,But the original place,Where else is the night。
Flying 御 流 流 九 龙 闪!
Jumen knife will be with soak,But like the night’s expectations,Attacks turn over again,But the night is not very disappointed,Continue to launch a hurricane-like attack。
“Your ability is really strong,But I don’t believe in such a powerful ability.,There is no corresponding cooling time!”
Endless knife is raging in the air,Let Yuxi Bo belt can only maintain the state of blunting Once the entity is restored It will definitely be entered into the knife.。
He can’t fight,Because once counterattack His body in the moment of launching attack Also enters the physical state。
Night’s way to fight soil,It is the method of using Fu Po Smart Nan。
Yuxi wave belt the power of the gear Not there is no limit,But only five minutes of the virtual state!
As long as it is over five minutes He will be forced to enter the entity。
“My ability does have time limit But I don’t think,You can maintain high-intensity attacks so long。”