Wang Youcai smiled and said:“How do you know i need a bag?”

“Yo!Is it better to listen to the boss??Then please go sit in the store,I will give you a cup of tea,Then let’s drink and talk slowly。Do you want people in this car?…”This woman is very sensible,Speaking of this, I secretly glanced at Liu Ying in the car。
Wang Youcai walked into the store in two steps,Then walked around the shop with his hands behind his back。There are dozens of flour in it,And some vegetable oil。The other is some condiments,And some messy snacks。
“Small business!How much did you get for this brand of flour?”Wang Youcai said,Sat down。
The woman smiled and said:“boss!What are you doing?You ask,I don’t know how to answer the question”
“Oh!I am the person in charge of Chenzhuang Scenic Tree Planting Base,Surname Wang”When Wang Youcai said this,,Eyes always go around this woman。
This woman looks like a face to face,She doesn’t care about Wang Youcai’s unbridled eyes。Just listen to her smile and say:“It turned out that the God of Wealth is here,My name is Du Xiaohong,I opened this shop。After that, I will ask Boss Wang to take care of the small shop business”
“Easy to say,It depends on your attitude”Wang Youcai said,Haha laughed。
First2322chapter I didn’t expect she would come
Du Xiaohong said with a smile:“Boss Wang!As long as you can take care of my shop’s business,Everything is easy to say”
Wang Youcai was happy when he heard it,He lowered his voice and said:“This is what you said”When Wang Youcai said this,,Keep your eyes on Du Xiaohong,It seems that they are a bit ambiguous。
Du Xiaohong glanced towards the street,I found no one was walking towards her,Then he hummed and said:“Boss Wang!Let’s talk about cooperation first!Let’s talk about other things later!”
“OK!There are more than 60 people eating at our base,Less than a hundred bags of flour in a month,If Miss Du can give us a reasonable price,Let’s work together for one year first。But the oil, salt, sauce and vinegar are also from you,Besides, all the vegetables,Can also be represented by you”
Wang Youcai made a big circle for Du Xiaohong,As for whether this circle can be realized,Wang Youcai has no spectrum in his heart。It’s just that this is his easiest trick to deal with ordinary women。
I think when he and Wang Guilan cooperated,He used this trick for the first time,As a result, Wang Guilan later due to the family situation,Let him take advantage of。
Du Xiaohong put his hands on his shoulders,Thought for a while and said:“Boss Wang must know in his heart,Our family’s flour is already low profit,If you have to use a car to deliver it to your base,This cost will increase invisibly,After all, this car burns oil!”
“I have calculated this,It’s more than ten kilometers from Baishui Town to our base,More than 100 bags of flour are given out twice a month,The gas bill is not much,If you really think this business is not profitable,forget about it”Wang Youcai got up when he said that。
The trick he used is to get caught,Wang Youcai thought,He walked outside,Du Xiaohong will definitely follow,What he didn’t expect was,This woman ignored him。This makes Wang Youcai feel particularly upset。