the reason is simple。

At the beginning, the second night bleach reform,These people have jointly opposed,But I don’t want to be suppressed by the second night.。
And youth come in,It is the Minister of Security, Pearl Group,It is also the most faithful followers of the second night.,Bai Mountain。
No one speaks。
But everyone’s eyes are looking at the foreurcitation。
Middle-aged people still don’t look up,The sound is slow,Some hoarse,Some gentle。
“I am informing everyone.。”
Bai Mountain has long seen him,After hearing,The pupil is not a contract。
He Lao Six,He Yong’s father,It is also the worship of the old help.。
“Six uncles,What do you mean?Do you know??”
“have no idea。”
Middle age is very calm shaking head,Rotate,“starting today,I said the day and moon gate.。”
Be silent。
at the same time。
Before abandoning the factory。
More than a dozen cars,Already stayed here for more than ten minutes。
Only a few cars drive lights,The atmosphere is quiet and suppressed。
“Go see what is going on。”
Four middle age still surrounded by summer,However, there is a big man to speed up to the right.。
Recently,Jiang Feilai got off the car,I don’t know what is going on.,Just,He has a stomachache,Then find a place to go out.。
I haven’t come back for ten minutes.。
After five or six minutes,Two strong men have helped Jiang Fehong finally returned.。
His face is somewhat ugly,It seems to be a little。
He doesn’t know what is going on.,It’s just a good diarrhea.,And just get up to take a few steps,Another feeling immediately。
“You stay in a few,Look at him。”
Jiang Feihong swept coldly and soon,And then go to a car,Knocking the window glass。
Window glass slowly decline,Show the cheek of the second night。
“Second Miss,Let’s talk about a transaction。”
Although the diarrhea makes Jiang Feihong look a bit,But he still laughs,“Very simple,As long as you put the seat of the day,Let He Yaixiao,After the transfer is completed,I will let you go,how?”
Chain of the second night,It seems unbelievable,“Six uncles?you……you……”
Jiang Feotao smiled,Just laughing and short-time,Soon stop,Cold channel,“I will give you a three minute.,I can also use this time to find some fun.。”