“Quiet,Listen to what they say?”

suddenly,A high-ranking voice came in the population。
When the field is suddenly quiet,Everyone is looking at。
In the picture,Luo Gang’s voice is bitter,“you……I have been counting my bullet?”
Summer nice head,Toned,Also,“I also know,You also have three bullets in the assault gun.。I can tell you,I put it in the gun,Six bullets。”
Luo Gang smiled,Some 蹒 向 go。
He is really thorough。
From beginning to end,Are each other in the control。
Summer is also accelerating footsteps,Town to the other side。
In the square,People are silent.。
Hundreds of people, look at me,I see you,At the same time, there is a vocabulary at the same time.。
In such a tragicity,The other party actually has the ability to calculate the number of bullets of the other party.,Layout……Not a monster?。
This ending seems simple,Even some tiger head snake,But behind it hides the big fear。
“impossible,This is impossible!”
Wang Xiaolong discolored,Instead of denying,It’s better to persuade yourself.。
As for other players,One by one silence,The expression on the face has already changed……Compared with the other party,These people lose their own。
If you meet such a master on the battlefield,They absolutely dead,absolute!
the other side,Li Ming and other teams are equally excited,啪,The palms have to be blusted.,Still grinning。“走,go back。”Li Ming big hand。
NS472chapter Let’s go together.
When Li Ming and others rushed to the small platform,I just saw Luo Gang’s sweating and got out of the death channel.。
Although he lost,But no one will laugh here.。
Wang Xiaolong and others want to open comfort,You can open your mouth,But I don’t know what to say.,Immediately walked,Help him disassemble equipment。
Da da da。
On the left side of the passage also came to the footsteps,Summer figure。
See it is him,Li Ming and a special police all the instinctive standing body,It’s like a gun.。
And Wang Xiaolong and others also consciously stop the movement,Collectively。
Strongman is respect。
Midnight,Will comply with strong people。