Who put Luoyang in hand,Who is mastered“orthodox”Wordess。Even“Lathy swallow”Liu Yu,I know that I want to go to the north.,Wow Luoyang?。

Is Liu Yu, I don’t know that I started from Yan Wen.,Is it a empty city??(Historical record,After the second of the Northern Expedition,Two thousand households in Luoyang,Run back to Huainan。Since then,Luoyang City has been completely disappeared,The following are all from elsewhere)
Liu Yu won the huge political effect of Luoyang,Direct result is the opening of the South Dynasty,Establishment of Liu Song!
If the North Week wins Luoyang,So the topic of the world,Will be put on the schedule,Its political sense is self-evident!
“Unfortunately, it is still lost.。”
Yu Wenzhi sighed,Inner heart is incomparable,I don’t know how to vent it.。
Abandon yourself,Accused,Only with,Wolf escape。This can be said to be the biggest frustration in Yuwen’s life.,none of them。
Chips from the father Yu Wentai,Chips from Yuwen,I have worked hard to operate the chips,One breath is lost!
I didn’t have the old nest for people.。
“His Majesty,Dou will seek。”
The voice of the relatives came from outside the door。
This time I soldier Luoyang,Dou Yi sits in the town of Pu 坂,Responsible for grain scheduling。have to say,Dou Yi’s life is not bad,At least 12 victims,It is because of the skills,Instead of because of food。
otherwise,Even if you are a sister,This will also do the Dou Yi method after returning to Pu Pu.!
“Let him come in.!”
Yu Wenzhen said lightly。
People like him,The face is the same as the book.。Now this time,Even if you have already lost it?,Also behave。otherwise,Nothing,Your hand will be scared by you。
Unfair,Small things really will become a big event!
“His Majesty,Minister came to you。”
Dou Yi comes in,Just kneeling a big gift for Yu Wen。
Do you sin??It is some meaning。
Yu Wenzhao does not move the noddion:“Got up again。”
Dou Yi carefully got up,Take a letter from the cuffs to Yuwen:“His Majesty,Gao Bao wrote to Weichen,Let Minister control to live in Pucha City,Broadrush。
Minianda is of course not so,But it is also worried that this is the policy of Gao Baoyi.。So wait until you go to Pu 坂,In the heart,Be sure to give your letter to look down,Minister will be relieved。”
When you are fighting,Write a letter to the enemy,This operation,Almost everything happened in every war。Don’t say anything else,Wei Xia widow did not do this kind of thing。
Yu Wenzi smiled slightly:“If you are a sister, you don’t believe it.,That question can be really big.。Hahahahaha,Aiqing doesn’t have to worry,I believe you。”
He laughs and will,I looked at the ten lines.,Disdentity also said to Dou Yi:“Drug small skill,He is playing a good abacus.,A piece of paper is not a few money,But in case you have a thought,That is a powerful,I bought a piece of paper on a piece of paper.。”
In fact, things are not as simple as Yu Wen.,But it’s really nothing to say.,Dou Yi sent a letter to here,I have shown a attitude。
now,The two are in a silence of embarrassing。
Yu Wen’s face is slightly looked at Dou Yi,not talking,Waiting for the other side。
“His Majesty,Raiders Luoyang,Yes……Will you lose??”
Dou Yi as this trader“Logistics”,I will not know what happened to the front line.。His reasonable is not good,However, it is the face of the sorrow of the scorpion.。
only,How is it difficult to open?,After all, you still have to open.。