at this point,They may have doubts before they。

But Lenovo’s trouble before Shaojia came to them.。
After the God of War and Sun Jia’s people came to help,Previous,It is all behind them.。
Such a thing,In fact, they are not fully expected.。
Treat these,Summer peace is not something。
“Let’s go to development,Still the old say,Tang Chenghu,So before,But you can soke it.。”
“But if he does not obey,So,Don’t blame some special means.。”
When Xia Ping, this is exported,It is even more than those people around,Don’t wait to suck one breath。
After all, this is,The amount of information is really too big.。
Uninoup,Still completely let these people have a little anti-fight。
In this case,Other people noddlings,Ready to handle this matter。
As for the future direction of starlight entertainment,There will only be two results。
The first is very good,Second,Be a good。
In addition to these two,Xia Ping An else never thinks that the third kind is。
So the next development,Will get the starlight entertainment。
As for some jumping beam clown,If you are sincere, I want to find it.,So Xia peace,How can it be tuned??
So I think so,Xia Ping An suddenly,I feel cool.。
“This matter is temporarily not paying,Let them toss。”
Chapter 206 said without,Without
at this time,Tang Chengmei is lying on the sofa。
Recall the thing that happened before,For Tang Cheng,It’s just a joke.。
so now,Look in Tang Cheng,It is even more,Bring a little bit。
“I really thought that I Tang Cheng was a soft persimmon.,I want to pinch it.?”
“I said without,Without,How can I still take me??”
Tang Cheng finished,His side,A charming woman suddenly asked。
“Tang Chengge,You don’t agree,Don’t worry,Does Starlight Entertainment??”
To know,This matter is also very tricky。
And this woman around Tang Cheng,Starlight entertainment。
How much,Always a role of edges。
To act without acting,There is no work to work。
Do you want Tang Chenghou?,It is estimated that she is impossible to mix.。
Tang Cheng,When turning around and looking at this woman,Stand up,The corner of the mouth is brought together.。
Recommend oneapp,Comparison of old version of the book artifact,Replaceable source book\ \\ !
“Ha ha,joke,They want to blocked me?”
“Before blocking,Still it is best to consider it.,What happens to them?。”