But here,Deng Jiang suddenly laughed。

“son,You think too simple。”
“This kid,You are with students’ thinking into him.,But Ignore this identity of his chairman。”
With Deng Jiang finished,In front of oneself,Deng Yun suddenly。
It seems like this,It is indeed the case。
But since it is like this,What can I do??
this moment,Deng Yun asked for help to Deng Jiang。
But Deng Jiang smiled.:“Rest assured,this matter,Nothing。”
“This matter is given to me.,I am going to arrange it.。”
With Deng Jiang finished,Deng Yun’s face is full of expectations。
If you really say this?,This is a good thing.。
Deng Yun Yue, the more it feels good:“This kid,I won’t let him go.。”
“Waiting for us to clean up him,Take the position of the Chairman of the Halloya Group,I must humiliate him.!”
Deng Yun’s words,Let Deng Jiang not think。
But now,some things,Still there is this necessary to solve the solution。
“have a good rest,Looking back, etc.。”
Chapter 46 Invitation Letter,Situ family banquet
After coming out of the law firm,Shen Xuan is going to go to the Halloyan Group.。
But finally,Shen Xuan still responded。
“From the current situation,The entire Dao Tai Group,I am afraid a lot of people in Dengjiang.。”
“I have passed now.,It seems that I can’t do it.。”
Think of it,Shen Xuan itself,It’s not so embarrassing。
Since it is already determined now,Shen Xuan, I feel that I don’t have to have passed.。
Moreover,Even if Shen Xuan is now in the past,In fact, I can’t do it.。
So now,Shen Xuan, I think,Let’s wait.。
Think about it,Shen Xuan’s mobile phone suddenly rang。
Is a strange phone number,Shen Xuan considers it three,Still it。
“Hey,Hello,Are you Mr. Shenxuan??”
“I am a butler of Situ.,Our housekeeper sent you an invitation letter,I want to ask for a banquet of our Situ at noon.,I don’t know if you are convenient.?”
Hear here,Shen Xuan is secretly thinking about this in his heart.。
For these,Shen Xuan is nothing to refuse。
Anyway, this Situ is invited.,Shen Xuan chooses that it will pass it directly.。
“correct,My invitation?”
Shen Xuan feels,Since you have to participate in the banquet,Always have an invitation letter.?
“If it is another guest,They have to have invitation,But Mr. Shen, you are so distinguished,Naturally, there is no invitation。”
“By the time,You can come in it directly.。”