Say this,The cloud show is slightly relaxed,That is like a general muscle that is a slowly decline.,Returning to the original state。

This scene is that Li Hui is very surprised.。
“Cloud big brother,Can you see the King of your auction??”
“no problem,But I didn’t bring it now.,Domestic home,After all, I originally auction is ready to be a treasure.。”
On the same day,Li Hui is chatting with the cloud show.。
at last,Li Hui’s conclusion is that the cloud show is not a person who doesn’t understand anything.,He should know what,But just don’t say,This makes Li Xiang also very helpless.。
But fortunately, the other party is promised to bring him together.。
As for the purpose of bringing him,He feels some is not so simple,But in order to see Qin Ya, he also fights.。
The main thing is that he has confidence in himself.,Especially his present realm,There should be no one can hurt him.。
The cloud show has been prepared for two days.,I used Li with the wind and set foot to the ancient Egyptian plane.。
Reached ancient Egypt,The first thing is to find a hotel。
The cloud show seems to have found the same。
When Li speaks with the clouds to the so-called hotel together,Li Hui is stunned.。
The cloud show is nothing big.。
“Cloud big brother,You are sure you can live here.?”
Looking at the ridiculous surrounding,Some desertification。
And so-called hotel,Actually a shabby temple。
The most confused, this temple is in the characteristics of such a silk.,There is even a feeling of Taoism。
However, there is nothing in the temple.,No futon,No Buddha statue,Some is a few rooms separated by wooden boards。
“Cloud big brother,No one here?
OK is to live here?”
Li Hui frowned and looked around everything around。
Because this is really too ubous。
The quirky makes his heart actually be vigilant.。
“Yup,Money has been paid,This may be the first to test our first.,If you can support it tonight,Then you can。”
Li Hui suddenly felt that there were some secrets of God.。
But where is the mystery,He can’t say it again.。
“Lee brother,Choose a room。”
Cloud Show pointed to the place where the wooden board is blocked,Li Hui Feng hesitated,Directly chose the central center。
The cloud show is a location that is the most left.。
“Cloud big brother,Let’s eat,What should I do??”
Li Hui Feng really doesn’t understand this, it is a cloud show.,Still really have behind-the-scenes。
The first thousand thirty-nine chapters of the soul overnight
“Naturally, someone will send us,But don’t come out when you come.,No matter what,Or don’t see anything else,This is also for you.,Otherwise, I don’t want to find me.。”
Put in this way,Very obvious that the voice of the cloud show is also a little trembling。
“What happened to me??”
“Forehead,I can’t say this.,Can only say that you will have a danger of life,Although you are very powerful,But you really don’t necessarily have an opponent.。”