Julan lowered her head,Whispered:“Lihong didn’t come back,Naturally, there is no need to turn on the lights。My son went to bed early,I sit alone in the yard to enjoy the cool,Naturally, there is no need to turn on the lights“

When Wang Youcai heard that Julan said she was alone,This is a golden opportunity。For this woman,He has tried his best,I spent a lot of money。in the dark,Julan may have noticed Wang Youcai’s abnormality,She lowered her voice and said:“The door of Lihong’s room is not locked,How about you go to her room and wait for her“
Wang Youcai listened,Can’t help but be overjoyed。He rushed up,I hugged Julan so hard。Julan shivered in shock,Struggling to say:“Didn’t you come to see Xu Lihong??She should be back soon“
at this time,Talking too much is superfluous。Wang Youcai said nothing,Suddenly bent over,Hugged Julan sideways。Then strode towards Xu Lihong’s room。
“You lunatic,What do you wanna do?”Julan lowered her voice,Struggling desperately in Wang Youcai’s arms。
Man at this time,Strength is infinite。No matter how Julan struggles in Wang Youcai’s arms,But she is a woman after all,Her little power,Compared to a man who went crazy,Hardly any effect。Not to mention that Julan did this,It’s a little bit half-push and half-just my ingredients are in it。
Xu Lihong’s door is hidden,Wang Youcai only touched the door lightly with his foot and opened。For Wang Youcai, this room,Is very familiar。He felt the darkness and threw Julan on Xu Lihong’s big bed,Then the whole person jumped on。
The big wooden bed squeaked。At first I could hear Julan’s struggle,Gradually this voice disappeared,It was replaced by a woman’s delicate gasp。
Wang Youcai’s wildness for more than ten days,Finally broke out at this moment。It seems that he didn’t drink the bitter water for half a month。I don’t know it’s the man’s strong desire to conquer,Or he is really good,In short, he thinks he is particularly brave。
After half an hour,The gasp of men and women mixing together slowly disappeared。Julan was lying naked in Wang Youcai’s arms。She whispered:“You helped me so much,I finally paid your favor tonight”
“What do you mean?You are going to clean up with me?Forget it,You are my Wang Youcai’s woman in your life”Chief Wang Youcai let out a sigh of relief,Said with a smile。
Julan sat up slowly,While groping for clothes,Whispered:“So many women around you,Why bother with me, a woman with a family”
“Chen Donghai, this is a waste of resources,He doesn’t take care of such a fertile land,Am I okay for him??”Wang Youcai said,Reached out and hugged Julan’s plump and smooth waist,Just when he was trying to exert his strength,When I want Julan to lie down again。suddenly,The big iron gate rang loudly。
“Sister Julan!Open the door”Xu Lihong’s voice came from outside the big iron gate。
Okay,Julan is already dressed,She hurriedly jumped out of bed,After finding your own shoes,,Trot away。Wang Youcai doesn’t have many clothes,He put it on in twos or twos。Then sat up,Waiting for Xu Lihong to come back。
The big iron gate opens,I heard Julan say to Xu Lihong:“Why are you back so late,Boss Wang has been waiting for you in your room for a long time”
“Oh!Why didn’t he call?I had two drinks with some sisters after get off work“Xu Lihong said,And walked quickly towards her room。
The door opens,Xu Lihong smiled and said:“Why don’t you turn on the lights!Are you still shy?“Xu Lihong said,He reached out to touch the switch on the wall。
Wang Youcai did not speak,Pounced from the darkness,So he hugged Xu Lihong。Xu Lihong’s body is soft,Whisper:“So anxious?Didn’t she do something to Sister Julan?!“Women’s feelings are always so sensitive。