No money,No one,There is no relationship to go,There are a few people who can do?”

Put up this matter,Chen Bei is extremely big。
I don’t know where the father has heard that the remote hill village has college students leading the family to the family.,It will let him go to the high school students who have returned from abroad to do things that do not have any technical work.。
He is now full of Han Shanshan.。
And now,There are also many companies under his name.,Although the legal person is not him,But the holding,That’s what it is。
“Forehead,Young master,This is the old slave said it is not enough.,However, there is no problem in Han’s side.。”
“Um,Then I went to Han Shang to see,By the way, you said with my old man.,I am going to get married.,Take the Korean Han Shanshan,Just marry her,The whole Korean is also my morning and evening.,So this business is coming。”
When Chen Bei pointed this, the eyes were also flashing in the eyes.。
What he wants to do is more than these,Because some reasons do not be from politics,But it is not as good as the economy.。
In order to achieve the business,He has no less effort these years.。
“Row,I report to my heart.,But young master, you must be careful this time.,Hands in the emperor are also someone。”
“hehe,do not worry,Do you really think that I am a three-year-old child??”
Say this,He hangs directly.,Then I called Han Shanshan a call.。
Unevenly,Sure enough, no one answers。
But the more you don’t answer his call.,He is more exciting,Because the feeling that I want to make him a conquest has not been there for a long time.。
Ticket,He dressed up,I went directly to the magic.。
This time he just took a simple gift.,There is no precious thing。
And according to the information he survey,Before Han’s seems to have a young man。
It’s not bad to follow the Shanshan relationship.,Just when he knows that it is a small farmer.,It is no idea.。
A farmer and Han Jia,How do he think of nothing?。
Never need to say that Han Shanshan will talk to a small farmer in love with this kind of thing.。
Come to the devil again,He is still straightforward。
Because the baking field here is really delicious。
There is also the kidney dishes here.,It is also a good news,I have a feeling of doing it on the evening.。
For the net red shop,He also knows,But he doesn’t like the kind of Chinese。
Just ate some lunch,He found the hotel in the magic,Directly about a few people,After a cool, I went to Han after a night.。
Han in the past few days is also the work of Han Shanshan,Especially the situation in Han’s now is not very optimistic.。
It’s entirely because of the much less than that of this less they are really can’t afford.。
He can find three pharmaceutical companies,Among them, there are two companies listed.,These are still not,There are some things in the other party’s resume.,Let him feel sad。
He acknowledged that Li Hui has indeed unique,But compared to the surroundings of Chenjia,That is still very far away.。
“Shanshan,The other party has just called the phone.,I have to visit it again.,This time you don’t run.,If you run again,Annoying people,Han family does not say heavy damage,At least, will you get better?!”
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“I see,I will be prepared.,But I really don’t like him.。”
Han Shanshan said this,Can’t help but:“dad,He also addicts a gentleman,Still play women,Play periphery,There are many bad habits of tender models.,I can’t put it cheaper this life.。”