Then planted back to the bed。

in a sense,枝 this child,Spirit is very powerful。
I am dizzy, I am sitting in the disease, I am sinking, I am a difficult to eat.。
Zhang Yushan keeps the 枝,Occasionally heard her spit out several fragmented words,It’s talking about it.“wrong”。Zhang Yushan is rare to floating,I can’t stand it.,Go to the Qing Dynasty。
In an instant in the 枝,Her appearance changed,It is the Lotus Great Lost, which is the old man who has seen several elders.。
Zhang Yushan sees the old and old,Not a cold,Open the door to see the mountain,“I am very omission, your little apprentice,You sell me a face,Give it to me。”
Qing Dynasty, the old, a tea, the tea is different.,Reject:“I will never sell the apprentice to you.!”
Zhang Yushan:“……”
Zhang Yushan:“I am saying selling me.。”
“That’s not OK!”
Qing Dynasty and old biting have to refuse,“My apprentice is a person,Can’t give me something to give。”
Zhang Yushan’s consent,Swift:“As far as I know,She is willing to go to my door.。Since you know that she is independent,Then there should be respect her will,Do you say??”
Qing dynasty:“……”
,Bened by the arm。
Just at this time Xiao Yan。
Qing dynasty『chaos』Manage,Thinking about casually interrupting this scene,I called him.。
Zhang Yushan, this small trick,Reading Qing Dynasty and old age than her big、Again『sex』awkward,I understand that he is about to lose apprentice.,I didn’t say anything.。
Xiao Ji is coming,Zhang Yushan can’t help but frown,She came out of Xiao Yao in her eyes.,Respiratory ride is a little wrong, she can feel the loss of this person.。
even so,Xiao Yao is still very different『color』,There is no blood on your face.『color』。
Xiao Jie met,Turning to Zhang Yushan, I don’t know what it is called.。
Qing dynasty reminded:“This is the old lottery。”
Xiao Yao Li:“See the old age。”
Zhang Yushan nodded。
Xiao Yao description,For some questions on practice,Needed a home。
Qing Yan, the old age, Xiao Yao breathing『chaos』,Do not seem to be often thin,It’s not much to say in Zhang Yushan.:“Since this,You will go。If there is any need,Only trust。”
“Thank you Master。”
Xiao Jie etiquette,Picking from the head to the end。