“You can’t let me send someone to find medicinal materials?”Jiang Wan’er is very worried,Fang Yu is not here,Dad will have bigger problems。

Then,It’s not worth the loss!
“You have to trust the hospital……”
Fang Yu patted Jiang Wan’er on the shoulder,He also knows what Jiang Wan’er is worried about。People’s Hospital is still very normal,So don’t worry too much。
“that……How long will you go?”
Jiang Wan’er couldn’t persuade Fang Yu,Maybe that medicinal material,Only Fang Yu recognizes。If it is so,Fang Yu has to go!
It’s a pity that she is busy with company affairs,Otherwise, you can also go with Fang Yu!
“About three days!”
Fang Yu thought about it,Gives a number。
“Well……I will send someone over right away!all of these,I beg you!”
Jiang Wan’er leaned on Fang Yu’s shoulder,Feel very relieved。
Only Fang Yu,To give her a sense of security。
“remember,Don’t let anyone other than doctors and nurses move your dad……otherwise,Will hasten his death!”Fang Yu seriously ordered。
Jiang Wan’er finished,Hugged Fang Yu。
“Miss Jiang……You are……”Fang Yu doubts。
“It’s nothing,I just feel more at ease like this!Don’t think too much,I don’t like you……”Jiang Wan’er said deeply。