And the door outside the restaurant,A man and a woman。

Woman looks young,Twenties,It is the best age。
And that man,There are some big,Said that he has 40 years old,It feels not to stop.。
Men’s eyes blur,Magnger, watching the woman,And sometimes some indifferent movements from time to time。
But that woman is not angry,But still low,A shy look。
Shen Xuan also stopped,Reaction from Cheng Lei,Shen Xuan can guess some。
If Shen Xuan does not guess the wrong words,This woman,It should be her girlfriend.。
Now,Exactly,It should be called the former girlfriend。
“Cheng Lei,How are you here??”
Li Fei glared over,Look forward to Cheng Lei,The next consciousness。
For this situation,Shen Xuan standing there,Suddenly I don’t know what to say.。
“This woman”
“never mind,Look at the situation first,See what can be helped。”
If it is,In this case,Shen Xuan may have no power。
but now,Then it is completely different.。
Shen Xuan is now a systematic person,So nature will not worry。
Cheng Lei looked at Li Fei,Zhang Zhangzhu,Do you want to say something?。
But Li Fei,But suddenly laughed:“Oh,I understand,After we break up,You are dissatisfied,So I follow me here??”
“But this is good,You also saw it,my husband,he treats me well。”
When Li Fei said,Then I came to the middle of the middle-aged man.,Reach the arm of the middle-aged man,A very relatives look。
Middle-aged man,Also noted the situation here?
“Who is this?,your friend?”
Li Fei,But suddenly laughed:“He,Former boyfriend,A mistake will be misunderstood。”
“Until your husband you,I found the meaning of continuing existence.。”
Middle-aged man is born with nod,However, he also turned around to look at Cheng Lei。
“I tell you,Phi Phi is now my Wang Million Woman,Know how to know,You still hurry。”
“otherwise,Don’t blame me, you are welcome to you.。”
Wang Million’s words say,Li Yifei also stands on the side。
“Yes,husband,I like you like this.,Special man。”
Not only is a man,And there is money?。
And Cheng Lei looked here,Very dissatisfied。
Plus, drink some wine before,Cheng Lei directly grabbed Wang Million’s collar:“come,I have to look at it.,How do you welcome me?。”