But Xiangyang’s father,Because offended a strong man,At last,Was beaten to death by that strong man。

The cultivation base of that strong man,Is a five-star cultivation base。
Xiangyang,After knowing where his father was killed。
Not the first time,Just choose to hide,Keep practicing。
But chose,Buy a blasting pill at a high price。
What is Blasting Dan?
That is,After swallowing this pill,,Own meridian,Like a bomb,Explode power that does not belong to you。
After Xiangyang got this blasting pill,Go find revenge。
then,Everyone is not optimistic about Xiangyang。
But everyone did not expect,After Xiangyang took that blasting pill,Upgrade to the early stage of five-star,With whom,Only a small difference。
The one who killed Xiangyang Xiuwei,Is a five-star mid-term cultivation base。
With this cultivation base,Xiangyang shot,And fight that person for 300 rounds。
At last,Xiangyang relies on this one in his hand,The magic knife that cuts iron as mud,Cut off the opponent’s weapon,then,Beat the opponent。
Won,Not yet。
Magic Sword Xiangyang,Angrily,The martial art of that person,Including that person’s family,Kill all,Don’t leave one。
Including newborn babies。
And the name of Xiangyang,Only because of this。
but,This is all four years ago。
After the magic knife Xiangyang killed his enemy,Just disappeared。
Many people think,After he took blasting pills,Abolished。
But did not expect,It’s only been four years。
This magic sword faces the sun,Appeared in everyone’s eyes again。
“you,You are the magic sword to the sun?”
The man who was cut by Xiangyang with his long knife,Hear everyone’s words,Shocked and looked at the man in front of me。
Xiangyang heard what the other party said,Put the treasure knife on your neck,Cold road。