After the week, he followed six bodyguards.,I didn’t expect the second night to play people.,Immediate cold,“Apologize!”

“Datai’s apology。”The second night disdainted,Cold and cold,“Don’t look for things,go away。”
I last night.,She has learned from the summer of the summer to learn that Han Jingjing has been。
She didn’t have a little good about this actress.,I have no embarrassment。
But surrounding guests are stunned。
Everyone doesn’t know how to describe her emotions.。
But I know,Next, you must have a good show.。
Who is Zhou Qian?。
That is Zhou family,One of the seven young people of Hong Kong,In the youth generation,Dare to have a blasting mouth,It is also very few。
Han Jingjing is even more used.,People who don’t understand the matter,Tang her as a weekly rumored girlfriend。
You can understand the internal people know,Mr. Zhou, often said in Han Jingjingkou,It is actually referring to Zhoujia’s master Zhou Xun。
Now she is not only being blocked,And Zhou Millennium is more exciting……
These three beautiful women have to be unlucky.。
This is the thought of everyone.。
Thousands of thousands of days think so。
I thought I found the opportunity.。
He is very uncomfortable。
recently,He has always been uncomfortable。
The things that pursue Chu Feng was decorated,And it was beaten on the spot,Extort 500,000,Did you lose your face in Taiping Mountain。
After that, he will sing while,Between the night, there is a laugh in the circle。
And three-fashioned precision plan,More in failure,Self-ended,Zhou Da Shao is anger。
Just wanted to take it,Not only being a cold face,Now being burstful,He can’t bear it anymore.。
“What did you say!”
His face is gloomy,Cold and cold,“Do you know what you are talking about?!”
This time is not the second night.,Instead, I have been playing in a weak Sichuan ice.,Rushed,“Our master lets you roll,I heard this time.。”Sichuan, Sichuan, also attached,“Don’t give your face,I tell you,Our master is not your sin.。”
NS606chapter Mad
People like Sichuan Sister,Before not taken by summer,They have little less and lose a lot of people.。
This kind of can’t afford to be different from those who arrived,It is a top view of mentality.,It is the instinner of the strong people face the weak.。
If it is changed to usually,They have a Zhou family such a hatcher,I have dive in the night.,Then kill people。
So even if you tell them last night last night.,The two still don’t understand,Why do you want this to wrap?。
But they are clear,It is necessary for the second night.。
So that sounds,Calling no one is hesitant。
After the second night he heard,The beautiful face is rare, I’m a shameful red halo.。
Almost consciousness convergence momentum,Trend to make yourself。
Confused,A seven-cigarette smoke that is already asaso at this moment,Anger,Reach out。
“it is good,very good,It seems that I have a lot of low-key recently.,Just a good A cat, Dog dare to get it in my head.,Good gallbladder,You are really good……”