“Hush!Keep secret”Xia Jian opened his eyes,The laughing fan made a gesture to Ouyang Gong。

Xia Jian is lying sideways,So brushing your teeth and washing your face is quite convenient,With Xi Zhen’s assistance,This action will be over soon。What Ouyang Hong bought back for Xia Jian was rice porridge and Xiao Long Bao,She knew Xia Jian liked this bite。
Sure enough, Xia Jian smiled when he saw Ouyang Hong’s breakfast,He smiled and said:“If this can be eaten with a little pepper and vinegar,Which tastes so beautiful。
“You just get together and eat something first!You are hurt now,The doctor says you can’t eat irritating food,Waiting for you to be discharged,I buy you this breakfast every day“When Ouyang Hong said this,I found Xi Zhen was watching her,She realized that she had said the wrong thing when she was happy,She buys Xia Jian breakfast every day,Didn’t she become…
Ouyang Hong thought of this,Lowered his head shyly。
Happy times always pass quickly,Ouyang Hong felt that she hadn’t said a few words to Xia Jian,Found it was seven o’clock,She should prepare to go to work in the city government。Now is different from before,She must go to work on time。
at this time,Zhao Hong has come to replace Zhen’s class,The three women chatted with each other,Then Xi Zhen told Zhao Hong about Xia Jian’s situation.,So I left with Ouyang Hong。
Everyone left,Only Zhao Hong and Xia Jian are left in the ward。Zhao Hong glanced affectionately at Xia Jian and asked:“how about it?Does the head still hurt??“
“A little pain,But it’s better than yesterday“Xia Jian said,Sat up suddenly。
This yelled Zhao Hong in shock,Pull him and lie down。Zhao Hong shook his head and said:“You are so muddled,You dare to do this?“
“Nothing,Don’t you have a checkup today??I believe it’s almost grown“Xia Jian said confidently。
Zhao Hong smiled and said:“That’s good。Oh!Uncle Xia ran into me at the entrance of the village last night,Ask how your phone turned off?I said your phone is broken,Being repaired in a repair shop,I asked him what’s the matter?He said no,I just found out that you haven’t been home for several days,Just ask“
“Ok!Don’t let them know,But I guess I can’t hide it“Xia Jianhong said thoughtfully。
Zhao Hong nodded and said:“Our news is blocked very well,But I’m afraid that Wang Youdao will tell his dad,Because you are injured,It is also a good thing for their family”
Xia Jiangang is going to speak,Heiwa opened the door and walked in,He said hello to Zhao Hong,Then he said to Zhao Hong very politely:“Please avoid me,I have something to discuss with Mr. Xia”
Zhao Hongbing is smart,Stood up immediately,Go outside the ward。
“President Xia,After our investigation these days,There are only three forces that are most active in Pingdu City,One is Wang Youcai,The other is Gao Wei and Lu Monkey,Zhu Hui”Heiwa lowered her voice and said。
Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help being surprised,He asked silently:“Wang Youcai?Isn’t he mining?How can you get into society??”Xia Jian was very surprised,No wonder this guy has changed a lot before and after。
“He has a mine guard team of more than ten people,And the captain is a special soldier retired。In the city,There is a guy named Wu Wu,He is said to have 60 or 70 people,As long as it is in major entertainment venues。This Wu Wu seems to be a comrade-in-arms with the mine guard team leader Tian Wa,Very good skill”Heiwa whispered to Xia Jian about Wang Youcai’s situation。