Twenty-five bodyguards,There are only 16 people left at this moment.。

It is not hurt in Garce and Alice.。
Thunder looks close to Charlie,“You are waiting here,I went to see it.,They should retreat,If safe,I will come back soon.。”
After the end,Inequalger check,Quickly get into the bushes next to it。
“Mr. Tian……Mr. Xia……Who is?”
Treat him,Garsh face is pale to the Director of the Fair and the deputy of Sun。
“Do not,have no idea,We don’t know。”
Two old men have experienced some wind waves,At this moment, it has been calm down.,Contrast to comfort,“Do not worry,Mr. Xia is a sing,Be sure。”
“He is a master!”Charlie said,“And is a super master。”
Toned,His eyes are more complicated to watch Gard,“boss,Those people are not rushing to。”
Garce,Immediately shocked。
After getting Ivanov’s order,Eight mercenary members accelerated again。
They all cooperate with a long time,Almost a moment of judgment。
When you attack two hundred meters,Almost at the same time,Quickly put the defensive formation。
50 meters from them,Summer hidden in a thick bush。
His position is calm,Border,Ear sticker on the ground,What is it listening?。
If the master who is proficient in the jungle is seeing this scene,It will be surprised to say no words.。
Because the summer at this moment,His location,If you look at it from the front,Will form a visual dead end。
And he is like a body,Few heartbeats,So it is more impossible to kill,Will not emit any dangerous breath。
Even if it is the world’s danger and the most sensitive master,I am afraid that I can’t detect.。
About Mo 5 minutes,A figure that is wearing a macstuss,Appear。
He is light,Step on weeds and dead leaves,Send extremely slight Shasha sound。
He did not continue before,Watch around the gun。In the bushes on the right side,It is the other mercenary.,The eyes continue to sweep in several positions that may hide around。
NS749chapter Five punches
Although these two people are a dark,But they are baits。
Summer and even know,Around their two people,Affirmation is also hidden with others。
therefore,When the mercenaries are in the mortium,At his side,Still moving in the bush。
After a moment,The sound of the forest is extremely slightly slightly sound.。
There are six mercenaries to show their shapes from different directions.,After determining security,Continue to sneak。
The mercenary that has been hidden in the bush,But it is not moving。
A one more,He is quietly standing.,Prepare to sneak from another direction。
only,When he just walked less than five steps,Stabble,Just like sudden illness,Silent and informed ground。
If it is close to the close look,Will find,His eyebrow appeared a strong hole,A silk blood is overflow。
A residual shadow flash,Gently catch his body。
Seven people in front are no more than ten meters from each other.,Sneak from different directions,Everything happens too fast,Bush and lush trees,Let them have not perceived,Your companion has violent。