Two laughed nodded,After the last thing,She is clear about the essence of things,She seems to be wrong.。

She is a flavor to deal with Blue Xin,Lu Hao Cheng’s counterattack,It can be said that it is fatal.。
She doesn’t want to continue to marry others in this way.。
“I heard that the clothes of the land have been very popular.,During this time, I also like the design style of Lu people.,I want to be a private customization,Only the landed lady came here.。”
Blue Xin is full of questioning her words.,But didn’t say anything。
Two ladies looked at Yao Yao Road:“You should be Yao harrse,I contact you before I contact you.。”
Yao Yao slightly,“Two ladies,I am Yao Yao,Assistant of the officer。”
Two ladies looked at her laughed:“There is only coffee and tea here.,I saw a milk tea shop next to the meeting.,Can Yao help me buy a cup of milk tea??I want malt tea,Normal temperature,Thanks a lot。”
Yao Yao looked at Blue Xin,Blue Xinyu。
Yao Yao’s eyes deeply saw a two ladies,Turn around。
After the door is closed,Blue Xin also knows that the second lady is deliberately supported Yao Yao.。
Blue Xin looked at the two ladies,She and the second wife are not often met,But this time I meet,Give her feelings and the first few times。
“Two ladies,I think you are not going to customize clothes.,If you have anything, you just say it.。”
Two ladies looked at her laughing,After all, it is young and beautiful.,And give people feel good。
See her with a peaceful mindset,She is indeed a very beautiful and kind girl。
Some hate,Finally fans essentially。
No wonder Lu Hao became her,What is willing to do。
“Lady,You are very smart,I just said.,When I arrived at this age,I have encountered these things.,to be honest,I am very uncomfortable in my heart.,My two children,Because of some of their father, they have been entered into the big。”
“And their father did not do what to do.,Put your child as a chess piece,After using it, don’t say it.,Become his foot stone,This makes me very angry,I am also very disappointed with my husband.。”
“I am looking for ladies today.,I want to make a deal of my lady.。”
Blue Xin is a bit surprised to watch her,Not talking。
And more and more preparations, two ladies。
No one absolute,But an absolute madman。
Have to prevent!
Two laughed:“There are a lot of people around Li Tingyuan around the land.,I am not very relieved.,Although it is your assistant,But I still believe,I took her away.。”
Two ladies took out a USB flash drive on the table,“I have a list here.,It is the person I found to arrange the people around you.,I only have one condition,You have a complaint to let my child come out.,I have my child back to my country.,Since then, no longer step into this land.,Will not cause any threat to you。”
She a few days,She and her own girlfriends,Taking the things here again,Has a pass by girlfriends,She is awake。
A struggle,Think about the cause of the cause,Some are afraid。
She has been completely dead to her husband.。
Abrasioned,Her husband will never care about their death。
Blue Xinyi,This condition is very attractive,She has never known what person is hidden by them.。
If you have this list,Many things are simple.。
Lu Haocheng wants to pay a wedding at the end of the year.。
I didn’t care about the wedding.,But see Lu Haozheng because this thing is almost sick,Blue Xin also pays attention to。
This year,She wants to be the most beautiful bride to marry Lu Haozheng。
“Two ladies,I am going home with my husband.,If he is willing,We have a complaint here,But you have to guarantee,your child,Can’t do anything to harm two people in our husband and wife,Otherwise……”
Lan Xin didn’t finish,Two ladies also know。