A few dollars of apples they know,Dozens of a pound of a pounds do they know some,Take hundreds of pieces of one pound,That is basically imported.。

But 10,000 pieces,This is too exaggerated.,I feel like I have a dream in their eyes.。
“breeze,Your pricing is determined to be true?
You priced like this,There are a few people who can buy it.?”
Li Shouying directly asked him that he is also the most worried thing.。
Once priced too high,Then buy people will stop。
And at this time, I want to get a low price.,So subsequent people will want to wait for the first time, etc.,It is necessary to make Apple although shelf life,But not not rot.!From the psychology,Everyone thinks that it is not enough to say,As a result,The price will definitely be more difficult!
Chapter 1,250 Shocked Li Shouye
“Hey-hey,not tall,Last year, my apple has sold 100,000 people.。”
Li Shouye and Wang Jing have listened to this unbelievable。
“I remember that your kid didn’t say an apple twenty??”
“Hey-hey,I want to say 100,000,The morality of the red eye disease in the village,Can let our family more than a family?”
For Li Hui’s words,Li Shouye also nodded and understood。
“breeze,Then you now will now,Is it too expensive?,After all, there are not a few people who can buy it.。”
“Hey-hey,Can not buy better,And I didn’t think about selling it.,Mainly wants to make your parents become young,Become beautiful,This is just a excuse to block their mouth.。”
I heard that Li Hui Feng said.,Wang Jing and Li Shouying understand。
“Row,Then we don’t leave,But what else is there??
No idea,I am preparing to have a circle there.,Then raise a little chicken duck。”
Li Hui Feng originally there is this idea,I have listened to my father and the same idea.,Laughing directly。
“Hey-hey,no problem,I will plan to plan it.,How about it?”
What is your kid??”
Seeing Li Hui Feng’s exciting look,How much is Li Shouye’s heart, I guess some of Li Hui’s thoughts.。
“Hey-hey,You don’t have to sell it.,At the time, the tourism industry is developed.,I can get a hunt at all.,Prerequisites are safe to,To put it bluntly, let the tourists are captured by hand.,Catch a one hundred and five,Didn’t catch the chicken bought from your hands, just a two hundred。”
“As for how to eat,You can also recommend it to my hotel or use it directly to hire a special killing chicken.,Cook this,Roast,Just add one hundred hand-made money。”
“Of course, if you want to do it yourself.,Let’s have a little price of fireproof salts.。”
I heard Li Hui Hui talks about making money.,That is simply like drilling into the money.。
This makes Li Shouying and Wang Jing is also a speechless.。
“If people bring the firewood salt??”
“Hey-hey,Let’s just ask for a chicken,Opportunity to choose place yourself,But must fire,Control fire。”
“After all, we are also atmospheric people.!”
Li Hui said this,Let Li Shouye are more speechless。
I used to feel that my son is honest.,If you can slide a little,I feel a little bit, I feel that it is unfortunate.。
But when Li Hui’s style is very embarrassing,He is still a little missing, Li Hui’s simple and unbelievable.。