Lu Haoge returned to his previous villa,They have moved yesterday.,Here, there are often aunt to come over.,You can stay at any time。

Be back,He bought vegetables in the supermarket.。
Lan Xin has no one thing,Lu Hao Chengdu has already prepared everything.。
She took her mobile phone and her favorite home.。
See Lu Haoge back,She asked:“Ah Cheng,where did you go?”
Blue Xin is sitting in the yard,I got up early, he said that I have to go out.,I got a few hours.。
Here, she has been there once.,In fact, I like this place very much.。
Lu Haocheng greeted ingredients in your hands。
“I am going to buy vegetables.,Waiting for you to eat well。”
“hehe……”Blue Xin smiles,The scorpion is full of stars,Looking at him, a big man is holding green vegetables and green bags.,There is no violation of it,Instead, I feel very warm.,Less us usually his ability to be terrible。
“Are you a happiness??”How many days, she has been with her clothes.,Days of the meal,I don’t even want her to touch the water.。
Lu Haocheng went to her,Looking at her low gentle:“I saw a live broadcast of a gourmet blogger these days.,A very clean male anchor,I see that he is a dish.,Always follow him,Do you have a few days??I have also been interested.,Just give you a supplement,Fat four or five pounds,Your face is better.。”
Blue Xin didn’t look good at him.。
“Ah Cheng,do you know,Fat 4 or fifty pounds as long as a few days,But you have to get rid of these four or five pounds, it takes a long time.。”
Lu Haocheng smiled and smiled:“You,Just getting fat, ten pounds, no more fat。”
“Let it go,Let’s go back,I will give you lunch.。”
Blue Xin slowly,The pain in the back is reduced a lot.,Just cracking place is still in red。
“Good,Our big chef has a cooking.,I have a very happy every day.,But you don’t go to the company.,A 尧 is not,Is the assistant come over??”Blue Xin is worried。
Lu Haozheng knows her and worried,Let her say in advanced door:“I will not go to the company a year.,Company will not close,The most important paragraph of me now is to let you get better soon.,in my heart,Nothing is important。”
Blue Xin was completely touched by his words.,In the past few days, he touched her every day.,Let her often can’t help but red eyes。
She said softly.:“husband,You are also the most important in my heart.。”
Lu Hao Cheng’s footsteps,Do you want to make vegetables in your hand?,He will not help but kiss her.。
He looked back at her shining star,Soft said a sentence:“Sit down and rest first,Lunch is very good。”
Blue Xinyin sitting on the sofa waiting。
Lu Haochong is so laughing,If he has been so awkward?。
The Journey is busy these days.,Lu Hao is not,European is not,He is almost easy to connect to the toilet.,Still feeling not enough time。
today,He met with the customer service in the meeting.。I have encountered Hao Peng.。
Hao Peng Huai has a beauty,But notkay。
The right to help Hao Peng,The two stopped watching an eye.。
Hao Peng asked:“Assistant,How only you have you alone?Landing?”He smiles don’t have it deeply.。
Blue Xin’s things,Outsiders don’t know,Hao Peng is known。
He and Lijia walked near,Li Xingyu,He is the first to know。