“On the train。”Lin Feng’s mind is like a lightning.,I remembered this familiar pattern at this moment.。

First and Bei Xueyin meet the train,It seems that there is this pattern with the man named Long Mu.,I didn’t care at the beginning.,Not remember。
But when you see this pattern again,I think of this.。
“This is the tag of midnight。”Love gave an explanation:“There are many members of the big family in the midnight moonbell.,For example, Island Guohen famous ancient Wu family Isais family,Yamamoto family,Eastern family, etc.。”
“so it is。”Lin Feng looks,So said that people of midnight moon will have come to Huaxia to find joyful Buddhism.。
And this joyful Buddha has entered its own body.,This is one step by step.。
“Maple,Do you have seen it before??”Emotional。
“This thing is coming back.,Love,People have killed,rest assured,They can’t find it on our head.。”Lin Feng looked far away:“I will pick up the friction between the five-poisonous education and midnight moon.。”
Whether things from the train are still on other historical issues,Lin Feng has no good feeling about people of midnight.。
“Ok,Since you decided,I am taking care of the Dongxing.,Find a place to hide,Be careful。”Love looks complicated to Lin Feng Road:“Although I hate you in my heart,I do something because of you.,But you are the most loved one.。”
“Love,I will not be angry in this life.。”Lin Feng strongly held the sad road in his heart.,White hair on his head under the white snow,Become more pale。
Love to see this scene,Suddenly there is an inexplicable distressed,She awakes this,Willow’s accident,Lin Feng is also the most painful person。
She doesn’t know what Lin Feng is painful.,His hair can be white within a short time。
“I know,I believe you。”Love。
“Let it go,Find a place first。”Lin Feng is looking forward to the distance,I immediately went to the distance.。
Dongxing and love after the body of Lin Feng,Three people quickly look for a small iceberg,Ten,Here is a cold,Dongxing took out the temperature,Showing the temperature is zero112Spend。
Lin Feng came to the ice mountain,He took a hot airflow in his palm.,Burning iceberg,At the same time, the other hand is pressing the cold absorption of the iceberg.,Do not,Specifically, cold poison。
Winter is also a poisonous,Also supporting the important power of the cold。
With the effluent of the cold,Soon this piece of mysterious ice,Turn out to a water flow,More than a dozen breathing time,A 10-way cube cave appeared in the face of love and Dongxing,Two people look at this scene。
Lin Feng did not stop,Get into the cave,Continue to turn a tunnel in one direction,There are about 30 meters to stop.,And another cave is exactly the surface of the iceberg in the distance,As long as one palm is,This surface is broken。
Then Lin Feng returned to the cave,At the same time, I also opened the seven tunnels.,These tunnels are true,Some is fake。
Lin Feng’s figure walked out:“Dongxing,Love,You are here,If you encounter something dangerous,Just escape from this tunnel,Several other is just to confuse the enemy。”
“Big brother,You consider too thin。”Dongxing grinned:“Do not worry,I have a smoke bomb here.,Bullet gun。”
“Yes,Maple,Don’t worry about us.。”Love:“Go back,We still have the power of self-insurance,Hanging a smile on your face,I believe that I hope you are happy.。”
“I see,Love。”Lin Feng’s face barely reveals a smile,His figure went out。
Founded to the South,In fact, in the Antarctic regional compass, sometimes it will fail,But for Lin Feng, it can be easily identified.,That is temperature。
The lower the center of the Antarctic temperature, the lower the center of the pole,Due to the universal temperature of the Antarctic temperature,Ordinary people, even some martial arts masters are difficult to distinguish these things。
However, Lin Feng is very easy to separate.,Because he practice five poisons,Five poison is getting overcast,Poison,Can distinguish these things easily。
Lin Feng went along the snow.,He looked at the snow,His mood is fierce,After walking out of more than a dozen miles,His foot will stop,He saw three movies in the distance,That is around one,Wearing a white warrior service。
If the eyes of non-Lin Feng’s eyes are extremely fierce,I am afraid I can’t see these three people.。
His footsteps,Step by step is close to these three people,Near more than ten meters,His figure is hidden in a snow,A face is also covered by snow,It’s good to see these three people in the eyes.。
These three are the old midnight of the midnight in the mountains in the mountains.,The three elders are wearing a white warrior service,First person triangle beard,Face is cold,Like the glasses,This person is named Iga,The second person is full of belly,Powder,This person is named Shandamoto,Third person is short,Buzz cut,Laughing with evil,This person is named,With golden glasses,Hand holding a unknown detector。
Three is the three big-ranks of the midnight moonbell.,In the Asian underground world, Herkwei,Among them, the geography is born.。