Angry warning in the population,Different people from the heaven,And a middle-aged middle-aged middle-aged woman in the year。

She is a master of Xianti,Claudia.Hexi。
Three women have to draw the sword。
A big sputum shot,These Mars are connected together,Half is like a gas,Take the flash。
These steel needles have not hurt three women,But the steel needle is hit down.,They are spent in front of them,The ghost has arrived at the past,Continuously draw a shadow on the ground,It is like a lightning that is landing.。
噼噼啪 响 不 于,Along with three sullen,Xianti three women are not refunded,Mouth angle。
“Ghost!you wanna die!”
Victoria, who is being fighting with Cook,Actually discard Cook,It’s still like a gust of wind.,“Today, you have a first slaughter you.!”
It is also a large-scalely-intensive steel needle, so that the waves are generally shrouded to the blood emperor.。
Victoria,Show a short sword in your hand。
Short sword is only one inch,Red-red,Transplanting the bloody,It seems that there is no red blood, blood flowing over its surface.。
Eating blade!
Along with a bloody from the short sword,Suddenly a huge sulf,A large explosion occurred in the sky,The steel needle encountered by one shot。
But it is also this,Suspension of her action,Cook behind,The cross sword in the hands appeared.,A sword。
“Others are afraid of your eating blade,I am not afraid of。”
Two swords,铿铿 into the ear。
at the same time,Summer that is just standing in the field,Once again, the woman was flying out.。
She did not immediately kill her hands,Not hands,But she is caused by her character.。
A few times with summer hand,The strong thing of the other party has been engraved into her mind.,She has retained by the opponent。
Warm field,East and wealth masters are watching,Quiet look at this。
NS1229chapter Be in a crisis
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NS1229chapter Be in a crisis
“Kill god,You’re dead。”
Delivery,The laughter of the abyss woman is spread,Cold and terrible。
“Then let’s try!”
Summer coughing a big mouth black blood,Stand slowly。
He is not afraid。
at this point,Nothing is fearful。
He first brought a long face anxiety and tears, Liu Qingqing and the moon.,Rowing the Victoria that is fighting with Cook,Maggie jumped out the same,Jiang Luo Shen and Xianti。
finally,Re-view the abyss woman。