Xia Jian’s hands are running along Zhu Hui’s earrings,slowly,Keep facing down gently,His hand touched her neck,Zhu Hui’s skin is delicate and smooth,It makes people feel like they can’t put it down。

But at this moment in Xia Jian’s heart,I don’t think this at all,What he thinks is as long as he can find a way out from here,Startups can stand up again,So which agricultural projects the venture group has invested in,Can have a better tomorrow。
In fact, Xia Jian thinks more of the people in Pingyang Town,This is how he would rather sacrifice his hue,Take the initiative to flatter Zhu Hui’s true intentions。Xia Jian’s hand is down,Until where,Zhu Hui can’t sit still,She turned around,Hugged Xia Jian immediately。
First1449chapter Brainstorm
Look at Zhu Hui like this,Xia Jian’s heart is even more meaningful。It turns out that women are the same as men,Sometimes I can’t help but seduce。
“Xia Jian, you’re a bit too much,I was just sent by the boss to spread the word,But sent to sleep with you,You only have to agree to our boss’s request,There are so many more beautiful women than me,Why do you do this to me?“When Zhu Hui said this,,I feel a little bit unspeakable,She was just doing the last touch of resistance。
Xia Jian’s two hands,Move gently,Zhu Hui’s body began to tremble,Xia Jian sees that the time is ripe,He has to take it。Xia Jian lowered his head,Breathing out heat in Zhu Hui’s ear:“I wanted to be like you a long time ago,But there has been no suitable opportunity,Since there is today,Let’s not let it go?“
Xia Jian said,So he reached out to Zhu Hui’s clothes。Zhu Huimeng’s surprise,She seemed to wake up from her sleep。She grabbed Xia Jian’s hand,Whispered:“The people standing outside the door are all the people I brought,You are not afraid they will see?What a bastard“
Hear Zhu Hui’s tone,Xia Jian understood in his heart,So he took a look inside,A little bit lewd smile:“Let’s go to the bathroom“
“Pervert!“Zhu Hui cursed coldly,Then took out the phone。
She called,Said sternly:“Open a room on the fifth floor,Then everyone stayed at all the exits on the fifth floor,Waiting for my call,Understand?“After the other party agrees,Zhu Hui just hung up the phone。
Sometimes women are the same as men,At least this is what Zhu Hui looks like at this time,Her face is reddish,He whispered to Xia Jian with a shy expression:“Go!What are you waiting for?“
Xia Jian smiled slightly,Walked over。Zhu Hui took his arm,The two opened the door and walked out。Xia Jian didn’t see the many people Zhu Hui said,But there are four people standing around the door, this is true。
A look at these few people,Xia Jian can tell,All of them are experienced fighters。No wonder Zhu Hui is so sure today。From the sixth floor to the fifth floor,No need to take the elevator,But Zhu Hui still pulled Xia Jian into the elevator。Which four people followed without a word,Caught Xia Jian in the middle。