Xia Jianyi listen,Busy with a smile:“Okay, Mr. Yang,Let me tell you the address of your group,I’ll rush over in a while”

“The address of our group is on Yuntian Road159number,Take a taxi,The average driver knows”Yang Ying finished,Hung up。
Tie Li, who is sitting next to Xia Jian, can be regarded as clear.,She spread her hands and said:“It seems that there is no need for this person to make another appointment”
“What do you mean?Someone invested?Which company?You tell me to see if I know”Gu Yue said with a serious face。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“This is going too fast,Don’t know what the result will be?She is Yang Ying, the boss of Hongkai Electronics Co., Ltd.。What is the name of their group company,I really don’t know this”
Xia Jian was talking,Reach out to find the business card Yang Ying gave him。He remembered that the name of Yangying Group Company was printed on this business card。
“keep the change,I know this Yang Ying,Her group company seems to be called Tianguang Group。The office building was also completed last year,I also attended the opening ceremony”Gu Yue said lightly。
Xia Jianyi heard Gu Yue say this,He asked with a smile:“I heard that Mr. Yang’s family history has some background,Do you know a little bit about this?”
“how?Are you talking about cooperation?I still want to marry someone into your house?I can tell you,This Yang Ying looks beautiful and charming,But she is in her early forties after all”When Gu Yue said this,,Disdain for Xia Jian’s face。
Tie Li on the side couldn’t help laughing,She said with a smile:“So Xia always likes younger and older ones,It’s no wonder”
“Stop joking,I just want to know what Yang Ying is like。Although the cooperation is business,But character is still very important”Xia Jian said solemnly。
Gu Yue took a breath and said:“You think too much,Primitive accumulation is not completely clean,Yang Yingneng has today,Without some external forces,For her as a woman,Easy talk。For example, Cheng Huiling, who you are most familiar with”
Gu Yue’s words are quite meaningful,Only Xia Jian knows the meaning,But he doesn’t have much to say at this time。
Tie Li smiled and said:“The Yang Ying you just mentioned,I also understand a bit,Let’s not talk about her character,The group company we are talking about。Guanghongkai Electronics has more than ten branches,And the largest of these branches has 20,000 or 30,000 people,The youngest also has morning employees”
“This is already very good,That she is a very capable person。Where to invite investment,No need much,And need precision,So easy to manage”Tie Li analyzed the real situation to Xia Jian。
What professionals say is convincing,Xia Jian nodded and said:“Then i’m going,Let me talk to Yang Ying first,It’s better if the talks are done,Let’s talk if we don’t talk well”
“Go! Go! Go!What is there to talk about between you and us”Gu Yue said jokingly。
Xia Jian knew that Gu Yue was joking with him,So he is not angry,But just stand up and go。Tie Li also followed him out。
“Hey!Don’t blame me for not reminding you,Work is work,Don’t mix personal feelings in it。This Yang Ying is not a fuel-efficient lamp”Tie Li reminded Xia Jian。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“I will grasp this degree,Don’t worry”Xia Jian said very positively。